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Easton Stealth RS Hockey Stick Review

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easton stealth rs
easton stealth rs

The good folks at Easton Hockey were kind enough to send me their newest, top of the line, stick to review. So here I am with the Easton Stealth RS.

Initial thoughts: Let me start by saying that I would never consider spending $250 for a hockey stick. I have spent $140 before (and had it shattered by a slash in my first shift, seriously) but that was when I was playing in two adult leagues. Now that I'm not in a league (for now), I wouldn't spend that kind of cash.

But ... this is the single greatest stick I've ever used. It's unbelievable light, reactive, responsive, strong with great feel. Great release on the shot, the torsion you can put on the stick to develop speed and improve accuracy is phenomenal. The compression build of the blade gives you an improved ability to catch and deliver passes and it's so damn light that it almost can't help but make your shot better.

Just don't break one. It'll kill you to see that kind of $$ go flying out the door.

By the way, the next product review will be a video review. Those look fun.

Easton believes the Stealth RS is the ultimate sniper stick, built to give you the confidence to become a finisher on every scoring opportunity.

Easton Stealth RS Specs

Shaft - Easton compression molds the shaft to allow for a custom made layer of Kevlar® on the outer wrap for protection and dampened feel. This process compacts the laminate to make it a lighter, stronger and better performing shaft that loads and unloads with more force.

Taper - The elliptical profile in the taper, made using a proprietary pressure molding process, results in less torsional twist and less loss of energy. The result is a quick release.
Blade - For greater accuracy, the blade stays closed through the shot. This is achieved by combining compression and pressure processes used with advanced core materials.

Elliptical ProfileTM
Multi-Rib blade constructionTM
Kevlar® wrapped shaft
Low kick point
Pro shaft dimension
Matte finish blade
Grip coating