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Wilderness Walk for 10-27-2011: Game Day Edition

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How do, Wilderness? Let me say right away thank you for the kind words yesterday via the different methods you all chose. It meant a great deal to know so many of you had us in your thoughts. Losing a loved one is never easy, but with my friends and family by my side, I'll be just fine.

Now, on to lighter and happier things.

The Wild are back in action after a long stretch of "off" days. Not sure any of them would tell you they had a day off, but they didn't play any games, so we'll go with that. Coming into town tonight are the Anaheim Ducks, giving the Wild a look at an opponent in a similar situation. More on that in the links. All I know is it will be good to have a game to distract us from reality for a couple hours.

Make sure to check out the Question of the Day over on Facebook, then make the jump.

Wild News

Wild being cautious with Latendresse | - Probably good. But at what point do we worry? Sounds like he is "available," but not playing.

Wild's top-line engine sputtering | - Koivu's three points is a concern, but Bobby Ryan and Jarome Iginla also only have three points. Of course, their respective fan bases aren't real pleased about that either...

Enemy News

Ducks needing offensive spark | ducks, game, team - Home - The Orange County Register -  I've heard this one before.

Ducks on a powerless trip | ducks, hossa, third - Sports - The Orange County Register - Seriously... is this the same team?

Anaheim Calling - For Anaheim Ducks Fans - Your SBN home for all things Ducks.

Tending the Fields - Sea Dogs get taste of cutting edge drills | scott briggs - Breaking News, New Brunswick, Canada - Puck moving and mobility? Let's get some of those drills to St. Paul, shall we?

Jobke making it count - Ah Colton Jobke, always good to hear about the forgotten prospects.

Irish Return To The Road To Face The Bowling Green Falcons - UND.COM - University of Notre Dame Official Athletic Site - 3/4 of the way down, there is a blurb about Seam Lorenz. Hell of a +/- stat. You know, if that statmeant a damn thing to anyone.

Bees acquire rights to Aaron Boogaard | boogaard, hidalgo, rights - - Aaron Boogaard will be in the CHL, if anyone would like to follow along.