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Wilderness Walk for 10-28-2011

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Hard to get up for the Walk with the mood around this team right now. So many still holding on tightly to every shred of hope, and so many have given up completely. As usual, we here at HW fall somewhere in between, knowing the system takes time to learn and knowing not everything is hunky dorey right now.

We are curious where all of you are at, so we'll ask this here at over on the Question of the Day on Facebook. What is your attitude about this team right now? No wrong answers here. No debate (well, maybe some), but we realy want to know how you are feeling.

As always, links after the jump. Enjoy.

Wild News

Why all the dump and chasing?; Stoner injured in Wild loss | - Ah, the dump and watch. It's as painful this year as it was last year. And the year before that. And the...

Wild can't handle Anaheim stars | - Not even for a minute or two.

Foster: From one Koivu to another | - Cool piece with some rather gruesome imagery from Fozzie.

Ex-Sharks Heatley, Setoguchi settling in with Wild - - NHL Insider - Settling in... now... score some goals.

Wild used their time off to 'review' - Whatever they reviewed, it wasn't the right thing.

Tending the Fields

New defenseman (#16) and other notes. - Where the Reign reigns - Kuemper gets the start tonight. Good stuff.

Off the Trail

Bettman: "Crazy" if Winter Classic doesn't come to Minnesota, but when? | - That's fine. Sounds patronizing to me, but good on ya, commish.

Bettman: We’d be crazy not to do a Winter Classic in Minnesota | ProHockeyTalk - Building on Russo's piece, Hockey Joe explains it to his audience.

Gary Bettman Kind of Wants a Winter Classic in Minnesota but Not Really - Our Editor in Chief here at SBNation takes a look at the situation. A boring team? In the grand scheme of things... yeah, probably.

Fun with Video

I am betting a great deal of our readership won't understand why this video is quite bizarre.

When has "-din" ever been pronounced "dine?"

Presented without comment.