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Wilderness Walk for 10-29-2011: Game Day Edition

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Game day. Red Wings. You know you want to vomit.

Yesterday, the Wild said Josh Harding will get the start, in addition to the news that Greg Zanon and Clayton Stoner will be out with injuries. Tough break for the "worst defense in the league." The last time the Wild faced the Wings, they almost won. Well... Josh Harding almost won. The rest of the team didn't show up after the midpoint of the first period. Apparently it is too much work to play the whole game.

We'll see if there is any difference tonight. Don't count on it, though.The confidence runneth over.

Links after the jump.

First Things First

First Round Bust: First Round Bust Turns 1! - Congrats to everyone at FRB. Make sure you head over there today and show some love. Good people doing good work.

Wild News

Shoot the puck! | - Rants with Youngblood. Shoot the puck? What a novel concept.

Yeo wants net abuzz with traffic | - Wait... shoot the puck AND go to the net? What does Yeo think this is? Hockey?

Gameday: Wild vs. Detroit Red Wings | - Preview in the Strib.

Wild To Recall Prosser | - After guessing Hendry, then Bagnall... it will be Prosser. Should have gone with Prosser.

Yeo wants Wild to start crashing the net - baby steps, folks. Baby steps.

Wild installs lavender dasher boards - Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal - Yep. The boards will be purple. Interesting. Awesome, to be sure.

With focus clearly on scoring, Wild make another change to top line - I get that this is the new order of the journalism world, and content sharing is normal, but at least someone outside of Minnesota cares about the Wild. Unfortunately, it is the Middle East North Africa Financial Network.

Enemy Perspective

Winging It In Motown - For Detroit Red Wings Fans - SBNation home for your Red Wings needs. Why you have Red Wings needs, I don't know, but you can fill them there.

Tending the Fields

Metro - QMJHL Roundup: Alook at Friday's games - Phillips still helping out.

Gopher Puck Live • Men's News - Erik Haula. Scoring machine.

Off the Trail

Gold medalist father, son want hockey jerseys back - NHL News | FOX Sports on MSN - No win situation. You would think the Hall would be willing to give the sweaters back just to save face here.

FAN-FARE: A DEAFENING SILENCE BY ADAM GAVRIEL |- Mr. Gavriel was not impressed with the tribute to Derek Boogaard. The Rangers have been nothing but class with this situation, so I'm going to give them a pass.