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Wilderness Walk for 10-3-2011: The Ultra Short Version

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For those of you who were around last season, you know that sometimes, the Wild don't get much attention in the media. OK, OK, the Wild never get much attention in the media. The season previews look to be almost done, and once the 30-in-30 type posts end, most sites forget the Wild exist.

Which is fine, since most major media outlets seem to not be able to decipher that ultra difficult code of who is a center and who isn't. Still, it makes for some short Walks, and today, we have one of the shortest in recent memory. So, stretch really well, tie your shoes, take the Walk and then... well, I guess you might actually have to work.

Sorry about that.

Wild News

Wild Operation: Urgent Fury | - Russo discusses a bit about the Army style training the Wild are up to.

Push for unity leads Wild Up North for boot camp | - Newspaper version.

Bulmer Still Living the Dream - The question remains... for how long?

Note: Russo also has a great piece in yesterday's paper about Devin Setoguchi. Online it is "premium" content, so you can't read it without a StarTrib subscription. If you can, check it out. If you can't, word is you can read it on Wednesday.

Tending the Fields

Jed Ortmeyer - Athlete of the Year - Sure, sure, it is probably self-serving marketing garbage, but still, the numbers Ortmeyer is said to have accomplished? A 4% drop in body fat? That's impressive. Also, nice trophy. Bet the ladies will just love to see that one.

Aeros top Stars 3-2 in preseason finale - Houston Chronicle - And apparently, that's it for preseason in the AHL. Yowza.

That's it. Enjoy your day. Be productive, or at least pretend to be.