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Minnesota Wild Stock Market: Week of 10-30-2011

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Has anything changed from last week to this week? Well let's see... The Wild are shooting less, struggling on the power play, and now the injuries have started. They did just shut out the Red Wings, so that "worst defense in the league" thing doesn't seem to be working out. If only they could match that tenacity on the offensive side.

This week, there aren't many changes, but some players moved up, and a couple moved down just a bit. Until they turn it around on a consistent basis, the ratings are unlikely to change much. Unless, of course, they go down. For this week, however, the Wild find a way to earn two points against the stronger of two opponents, and they buy another week or so with the fans.

Strong Buy - Feel free to invest heavily with your fan dollars. This player will deliver every time.
Buy - Getting results, safe bet to invest your fandom in. Will disappoint rarely.
Hold - The results aren't there, but it isn't time to give up yet. Buying or selling equally acceptable.
Sell - Time to seriously consider your investment decision. Results consistently not there, and the trend is they will not be there.
Strong Sell - The lowest of rankings. Time to get out, and get out now, before your investment is totally worthless.

Note: The analysis will change from week to week, and are not equal from player to player. It's just our thing. 

Blue Chips

Mikko Koivu (KAPT)  - Plenty of sellers here. We're still not convinced this is a real problem. While we respect the right of the avoidance of uncertainty, the jumping of ship on Koivu smacks of Montreal media. If you're in long term, hold or buy. Koivu will score his points, it's only a matter or when. Buy low, sell high? Rating: Hold

Dany Heatley (HETR) -We're ready to buy here. Two GWG on the season, which also happen to be the ONLY GWG the Wild have this season (Thanks, Russo).  Only goal in a 1-0 game, tying the Edmonton game with 1.2 seconds... Sure, he could do a bit more, but damn... he's doing an awful lot. Rating: Buy

Devin Setoguchi (GUCH) - The real victim here. When the top line didn't work out, Mike Yeo was unlikely to drop Heatley or Koivu. Dropping to the second lines means trying to find all new chemistry, yet again. IN the one game, it sure didn't look good, but it doesn't sound like they are giving up just yet. Still a chance this investment works out. Rating: Hold.

Niklas Backstrom (BAX) - Backstrom has been very good. There have been very few goals where we feel he was to blame, with defensive collapses in front of him causing the issues. Tough to defend Ryan Getzlaf all alone on the door step. That's all on the boys in front.  Rating: Buy

Marek Zidlicky (ZHID) - What can be said here? Some are calling for him to be traded, which is highly unlikely. Others want his head. We'd prefer he just showed up. It does very little good for the Wild's top rated offensive defenseman and puck mover to provide neither of those things. Until something happens, we are very much off the bandwagon here.  Rating: Strong Sell

Dividend Stocks

Matt Cullen (TWI) - He has cooled a bit, and has had some struggles in the circle. The second line has not been as impressive as of late, and while there is plenty of blame to go around, Cullen deserves his fair share. This is a guy who is looking to be rather streaky, so if you are into the day trading, perhaps this is a buy for you. If not, hold on tight. Rating: Hold

Guillaume Latendresse (BTE) - A groin injury has investors cautious at this point, desperately hoping for his health to hold up. The experiment of Clutterbuck on the top line didn't work, and now it is Gui's turn. If it is successful, Lets will be a strong buy. The risk is yours. Rating: Buy

Pierre-Marc Bouchard (BALD) - The temptation to buy low on Butch is there, trust us. Right now, though, it isn't so much the four points in seven games, as much as it is the 11 SOG. Too many chances bypassed. If Bouchard could lose the pass first mentality, it would go far with changing the thoughts of the team as well.  Rating: Hold

Nick Schultz (MO) - The look at stock just before Movember kicks off? We're on board here. Schultz has given his all, and has done his job. Not many on the team can say that right now. It is always tough to gauge a defensive d-man, but we aren't talking about him, and that's the best way to judge.  Rating: Buy

Greg Zanon (BLK) -A rough start to the year, and now he is out injured. It seems that Zuperman has returned to Earth. We hate to say it, but the new system is not going well for Zanon. Without piling on, let's just say we're disappointed. Rating: Sell

Kyle Brodziak (GLUE) - Doing his job better than any center on the team, Brodziak's line is the only one Yeo has been reticent to mess with. Hard on the forecheck, staying out of the box, and helping keep the team in games. Brodziak needs a new deal. Yesterday. Rating: Strong Buy

Cal Clutterbuck (HIT) - The experiment on the top line didn't work out, but that's fine. Clutterbuck provides some pretty strong value on the third line. A goal prevented is as good as one scored, and Clutterbuck helps with that. One of few players on the team willing to throw a hit, he has been the best forechecker on the team, and needs to be given some huge credit for that. Reward the behavior you want to see.  Rating: Buy

Darroll Powe (POW) - Powe has been... quiet. Unless there is a n injury somewhere we don't know about, his game needs to step up a bit. This is not to say he is playing poorly, but the Wild need more right now, even from the fourth liners. Rating: Hold

Josh Harding (BKUP) - He shut out the Wings. 'Nuff said.  Rating: Buy

Futures Market

Brett Bulmer (JR) - Benched against the Wings, we are left wondering why. His game has been of the top shelf variety since the beginning of training camp, and has not dropped. We are told he is unlikely to be sent back to junior, so maybe Chuck Fletcher is just trying to throw the media a bone for story lines. Who knows. Unless Yeo sees something we don't, it doesn't make much sense to take out one of the best players this year. Rating: Strong Buy

Marco Scandella (PZZA) - One of the most consistent players on the team, Scandella continues to grow into a role no one figured he would have this season. Oh wait... except us. Scandella could use to shoot more, and not into shin pads, but he has been involved in minutes in every situation, some the Wild need desperately right now. We're still very high on this kid.  Rating: Strong Buy

Colton Gillies (MBDY) - Another of the guys who needs to be highly rewarded for his work ethic and his play on the forecheck. He is always moving, always playing, always pushing. If the vets would play with as much apssion as this kid, the Wild would be a much better team.  Rating: Strong Buy

Clayton Stoner (STDY) - An unfortunate injury for Stoner may bring his stock down a bit, as the Wild cannot afford to wait it out, and called up Nate Prosser. If you remember last year, Justin Falk had a spot until Scandella took it, then he was hurt and Jared Spurgeon took the spot. Injuries are the bane of prospect existence. Buy in at your own risk, but certainly don't sell.  Rating: Hold.

Jared Spurgeon (TINY) - Really, really not impressive right now, which is disappointing. The fan base, and the team had some pretty high hopes for the kid, but things just aren't all there yet. Maybe it comes along, and he hasn't cost them too bad, but the little mistakes are going to add up and eventually bite him.  Rating: Hold

Justin Falk (FLKR) - Falk has looked really good in his stint as a fill in for Greg Zanon. Would be nice to see him not end up back in the press box, but that could be the case, as the Wild have to be terrified he would not clear waivers. He is playing physical, and he is playing smart hockey. We're on board, so long as he stays at this level. Rating:Buy

Nick Johnson (WAVE) - Still one of the best players on the ice... when he is allowed to play. We're still big, big fans of hard work around here (Sorry Tom) and Johnson is working his tail off. How the decision comes down to Johnson or Bulmer is beyond our reasoning. Rating: Buy

Penny Stocks

Brad Staubitz (BTZY) - Stupid penalties cost the team a game, he was benched for one(in favor of Latendresse on the fourth line), and then put back in. It will be interesting to see if he gets the message or not. We have some pretty strong doubts. Rating: Strong Sell

Matt Kassian (SHIN) - Tough to gauge, honestly. We don't get to see him play, and his presence is not very scary if he is in the press box. Is he hanging around simply to make teams afraid to claim him off waivers? Would be much better served actually playing in Houston, but someone has to sit here, and it may as well be him...  Rating: Hold

Wild Power Play (SUCC) - Still wholly unimpressive. They got a couple against the Ducks, but none of the chances has resulted in sustained pressure, or wore down the opposition at all. They cough up too many pucks, are afraid to shoot, and just all around are deflating. Just decline the penalty and play five-on-five. Rating: Strong Sell