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Wilderness Walk for 10-31-2011: Happy Halloween

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You all have your costumes picked out? How about for the kids? Every one either going trick or treating or handing out candy? You better be. Don't make me get out the whooping stick.

Today's Walk is, unfortunately, another short one. Fairly uneventful weekend save for that shutout against the Wings. Read that again. That shutout against the Wings. That has a nice ring to it. You were all watching football and baseball, weren't you? Ew. Go take a shower.

Remember, gentlemen... today is your last day with that beard. It's time to shave and grow the Mo. It's time to stop messing around. Go get some candy, and then shave your face. Ladies, check in on your men and make sure they follow directions.

Wild News

The story behind the story | - Don't worry coach, we all saw it.

Prince George’s Bulmer takes a seat in pressbox before milestone 10th NHL game with Wild | The Province
- The fact that Bulmer is such big news back in his Junior town is impressive. The fact that the author of this thinks ten games played starts the free agent clock... not so much.

Tending the Fields

The Third Intermission: A Win Is A Win Is A Win, No Matter How Ugly It Is - Where have I heard that?

Aeros take over in third period, top Checkers 5-3 - Houston Chronicle - The newspaper version.

What you Missed This Weekend

We'll include this every Monday. The stories you missed here at HW while you were busy watching... barf... football.

Minnesota Wild Stock Market: Week of 10-30-2011 - Hockey Wilderness - Weekly look at your investment portfolio.

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