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Wilderness Walk for 10-4-2011

Wild News

Wild faces show-me state of hockey | - Russo on the fan base's decision to not trust implicitly anymore.

Scoggins: Game nights are all business for Wild owner/fan | - A look at the man behind the curtain.Maybe all those "He's a cheapskate and wants to lose" folks should read this.

Harding can't catch break; Nystrom won't be suspended | - Harding injured, a bit of Nystrom talk, in the Rants.

Tending the Fields

The Third Intermission: Aeros release 7; Hackett recalled to Minnesota - Aeros get their roster down to size. Sam Lofquist's Cinderella story is over. Is Harding soft?

First Round Bust: October 3rd Wild Prospect Update - Nice look from FRB about what the prospects are up to.

Off the Trail

First Round Bust: Sabremetrics and Me; A Review of The 2011-12 Hockey Prospectus - FRB with a review of Hockey Perspectus 2011-12. We'll have our own review, just as soon as I can find my slide rule and graphing calculator.