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Wilderness Walk for 10-6-2011

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Rest in peace, Steve.

Links and news. After the jump.

Saying goodbye

You may think it is nuts for a hockey blog to have anything to do with the death of Steve Jobs. If that is the case, skip ahead and move on. However, without Steve Jobs, you may not be reading this today. While I own nothing from his company, the man changed the world. The personal computer was not, in fact, the idea of Bill Gates. The personal computer... that thing you are staring at right now... was the brain child of Steve Jobs.

Unless you are 40+ years old or better, you cannot imagine a world without the PC. Later came the gadgets, the iMac, the iPhone, the iPod. The revolution came with the PC, a device that would eventually give everyone the chance to learn anything they wanted in a matter of seconds, all from the palm of their hand.

The world lost an amazing man yesterday. He may not have had anything to do with hockey, but he changed your life, and mine, for the better. Take a moment today to ponder what your life would be like without the work of Steve Jobs.

Rest in peace, Steve. Rest assured you will never truly be gone from the Earth.


A daily reminder about the Hockey Wilderness Movember team. Now is the time to join and get involved.

Wild News

With Lundin on shelf, Scandella gets a chance | - Time for him to keep the job, too.

Wild's Opening Night Roster | - Maybe you know it, maybe you don't, but here it is.

NHL 2011-12 preview: Russo's predictions | - Russo predicts the award winners.

NHL 2011-12 preview: Predicting the conferences | - Russo picks the standings.

Wes Walz to join Wild's broadcast team | - Probably the best news of the day, bar none.

That's it today. Enjoy your day.

Please note: No Walk from tomorrow through next Wednesday. I am on vacation. Nathan and the rest of the crew will have the games covered. Have a great week.