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Wilderness Walk for 11-1-2011: Game Day Edition

Welcome, welcome, one and all to the greatest month on the calender. Yes, indeed, it is Movember. A chance to shave your faces, start anew, and help raise some money for cancer research. It is time to hit this thing hard, folks. The Hockey Wilderness team is alive and well. What we need is you, and your friends' money. Go sign up, get on the team and start posting all over the place.

Beg. Borrow. Steal if you have to. Just, you know, don't steal.

It's also game day, which means a healthy dose of Wings news. You know you love it. Enjoy. Go sign up for Movember.

Did we mention it was Movember? Did you sign up yet?

Wild News

Bulmer sent back to juniors | - The Cam Barker move was bad. This one? Ouch.

Bulmer Assigned To Kelowna | -'s take on the story.

Bulmer headed back to juniors | - Star Trib version.

Minnesota sends prized rookie back to junior | ProHockeyTalk - PHT version. - Bulmer returns to Rockets - BC is going to be SO happy.

Wild do an about-face and send Brett Bulmer back to juniors - - Pioneer Press version.

First Round Bust: The Departed: Brett Bulmer -FRB with some thoughts as well.

Minnesota Wild's Next Week Features Games Against Red Wings, Canucks, Blues - SB Nation Minnesota
- The regional hub with a look at the week ahead.

Minnesota Wild Depth Analysis, Fall 2011 - Hockey's Future - Yawn.

Joe Pavelski and Jeff Skinner taking charge of San Jose Sharks and Carolina Hurricanes, news, notes, rankings on fantasy hockey forwards - Fantasy Hockey - ESPN - You have to read through a poorly formatted story to get to it, but there is some Wild talk in there. Who knew ESPN knew who they were?

Enemy News

Gustav Nyquist to debut with Red Wings vs. Wild | Detroit Free Press | - Wings sent down Fabian Brunnstrum. This new kid is supposed to be good.

Reality check: After 5-0 start, high-powered Red Wings offense sputters | Detroit Free Press | Let's hope they don't find it tonight.

Red Wings agree to 7-year deal with Niklas Kronwall | Detroit Free Press | - Ew.

Amid goal dearth, Danny Cleary searches for rhythm | Detroit Free Press | - Scoring would be great, Danny. Not tonight, but soon.

Tending the Fields

The Third Intermission: Aeros on the teevee (sorta) - Some show we won't be able to see, but hey, it's the Aeros.

Off the Trail

The Verge - Please welcome the newest member of the SBNation Family. This is not a sports site, it is a tech site. Computers, gadgets, etc. It also does not look at all like an SBN site. Still, welcome to the family.

First Round Bust: Announcement: FRBHockey On Twitter - FRB has a new Twitter, just for the site. Enjoy.