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Wilderness Walk for 11-11-2011: Veteran's / Remembrance Day Edition

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Today is Veteran's Day in the US, and Remembrance Day for our friends in Canada. We would like to take a moment to say thank you to each and every veteran of our two fine nations. To those who have written the blank check to their country, dedicating their lives to protecting our nation and our rights: Thank You.

While we are in the heart of Movember, and we would like to remind you each and everyday to get your check up and donate to the Hockey Wilderness team, today also consider a donation to a military support charity. I work with Defending the Blue Line, and there are several other very worthy causes.

If nothing else, if you see a vet today, stop and say thank you.

News and links, after the jump.

Wild News

Burns misses old teammates but not team | -

"I should just go back to the old clichés all the time," Burns said.

I hate to say I told you so, but...

Penalties costly as Wild's five-game win streak ends | - Gamer from Russo.

Peters gains much as fill-in for Clutterbuck | - Nice look at one of the role players.

Wild's 5 Game Winning Streak Ends - Post game Rants. - If you enjoy sitting in your own misery, here if a GIF of the first PPG from last night.

First Round Bust: The Patron Saint Returns! - Love the exuberance. I wonder if FRB will give prizes away in celebration of the day Shep actually hits the ice...

First Round Bust: "It's Up To Him...But We Really Have To Look At This" - Good read, but I think Minnesota sports fans are too used to reading between the lines, and sometimes need to just accept the words as they are said.

Tending the Fields

The Third Intermission: So, About That Game With The Heat - Let's just say... not good.

Off the Trail

In defense of the Tampa Bay Lightning : Wild Nation - People are seriously trying to blame the Bolts. It's unreal.

NHL announces NHL Original Productions - - News - This is very good news for anyone who has every turned on the NHL Network and found them showing a regular season game from 2002 between the Florida Panthers and New York Rangers. Yawn.