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Guillaume Latendresse Out With Concussion: Now What?

Russo is reporting via Twitter that Guillaume Latendresse left last night's game with the Sharks with a concussion. I think the discussions surrounding the NHL lately are enough to know this isn't good news. We don't have all the details, and I have zero idea when it happened, but it did.

Get used to hearing, "We don't have a timetable, we'll continue to assess, nothing has changed," etc. No one will be able to tell us when Latendresse will be back. He might come back in a week, it may be a month, it could be months. The problem is, no one will know.

To be clear, the main concern here is for the health of Latendresse. Concussions are about as bad as it gets for a professional hockey player. The mystery of it all will be unbearable for him, the team, and Wild fans. Hopefully, it is a short term issue, but that is best case scenario land.

Looking at the business of hockey, the Wild may need to make a call to Houston. Ms. Conduct says David MacIntyre is playing well. He also has good size. Who would you call up? What do you do with the lines?

Not good news, Wilderness.