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Wilderness Walk for 11-14-2011

We have had several suggestions on widgets to track certain things this year. One was "Good Zidlicky vs "Bad Zidlicky" games, one was games with a goal by the third line, but not the first. What might be more fun is to count the number of times our casual sports fan friends jump on and off the band wagon. Everyone back on board? Good. Buckle up.

Yesterday we talked a bit about diabetes, and the fact that many people who have it don't even know. How much better, and longer, their lives might be if they would just get a checkup and find out. However, diabetes isn't the only disease that is sneaking up on people. According to Movember, 50 million Americans have high blood pressure, and have no idea.

Seriously folks? High blood pressure? The fun little cuff thing at Target doesn't get you every time? Go get a check up. Join Movember. Donate to the cause. Three simle things that can help you, and others, live healthier lives.

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Oh, snap.

Wild News

Response is fast -- and favorable | - Russo's gamer.

Scandella is lost to a concussion | - Sigh.

Wild redeems itself, beats Anaheim and moves into first in the Northwest | - Post game Rants.

Tea with Ms. Conduct: Motivation suggestions for Mike Yeo and the Wild | Backhand Shelf | Blogs | - Why do we love Ms. Conduct? Because of lines like this: "Have an apology circle after each loss, where each guy admits his screw-ups and apologizes to the team. Marek Zidlicky gets to go twice."

Scandella sidelined with concussion | - Rants from pre game.

Scandella Out With Concussion | - The news from the Wild.

Tending the Fields

The Third Intermission: View from the PressBox - Aeros 5, Charlotte 2 - Aeros back on track as well. Good to see.

DiSalvatore, Aeros skate past Checkers 5-2 - Houston Chronicle - Newspaper version.

Off the Trail

Hitting The Post: Hockey Hypocrisy - NiNY takes a look at the Lucic / Miller situation, and has a message for Buffalo fans.

On the Record: Minnesota Swarm Owner John Arlotta - In Lax We Trust - A reminder that I also cover the Swarm. If you don't like lacrosse, I have sadness for you. If you do, and you are a Swarm fan, you'll want to read this.

What You Missed

These are the stories you missed this weekend. You were probably watching football.

Former Player Tracking: Theodore Leading the Way - Hockey Wilderness- Weekly look at the players from the past.

Minnesota Wild Stock Market: Week of 11-13-2011 - Hockey Wilderness- Weekly look at the Wild stock market.

Minnesota Wild vs Anaheim Ducks: Game Recap - Hockey Wilderness - Minnesota Wild coach Mike Yeo wanted to see how the Wild would respond 17 hours after a rough loss. The Wild responded with a win.

Marco Scandella Out With A Concussion: Deja vu? - Hockey Wilderness - Another young Wild player suffered a concussion: Marco Scandella.

Minnesota Wild @ Los Angeles Kings: Game Recap - Hockey Wilderness - Game re-cap for Wild vs Kings.