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Wilderness Walk for 11-15-2011: Game Day Edition

Now, how do I pick up this quarter with these dang gloves on?
Now, how do I pick up this quarter with these dang gloves on?

UPDATE, 9:36AM: Casey Wellman has, apparently, been called up. As per this tweet from Mike Greenlay:

Casey Wellman walked by this morning. More on his callup later.

We are exactly half way through Movember. Have you made an appointment to go see a doctor yet? Have you joined the team yet? Made a donation yet? May I ask why not? Seems like a pretty simple thing to do, no? Don't be stubborn like Canucks fans, just go get checked out. It's simple and painless.


The research disclosed that the average American Mo Bro speaks face-to-face about Movember and its men's health messages to 61 people during the month. This means that during the 2010 campaign, it's feasible that the 447,882 global participants personally informed over 27 million people about Movember and men's health. This isn't taking into account the number of people they would have reached with messages sent via e-mail, or posted on Facebook and Twitter.

Despite this progress, our findings divulged that 50% of men had ignored an issue rather than go to a doctor. This is proof that there is much work to be done and Movember has a responsibility to continue educating our community and raising awareness, motivating and engaging men around the world to change the face of men's health.

So let me get this straight. Fifty percent of guys KNOW they have some sort of medical issue and choose to ignore it? Sorry to be blunt folks, but that's just plain stupid. Seriously, that's just ridiculous. Go get checked out, then, come back here and mock us for typos and opinions you don't like.

Links, and a video, after the jump.

Video is not safe for work environments, nor for the ears of the easily offended or children. Thanks.

Some people like Christmas, some love Thanksgiving... for many, November 18th is the best day of year.

Wild News

Wild-Columbus game preview | - Strib preview.

So far, prospects look golden | - Good look at the prospects from Russo.

Wild weighing line changes with Mikko Koivu-Dany Heatley duo sputtering - - Of course, we may have already known this, right?

Well, I Was Wrong: Seguin, Wild, Sedins, Rangers, and the Jets | Backhand Shelf | Blogs | - Justin Bourne admits the Wild might not always be boring.

Reasonable Expectations: How Many Points will the Minnesota Wild Finish the Season with? - Arctic Ice Hockey
- Some sort of strange obsession with the Wild going on over there. Perhaps because the stats just don't line up and it's driving them crazy.

Tending the Fields

Regan's Rant: Attention to d-zone translates into three pts. - Brett Bulmer. He's good.

Enemy News

Wild Reunion | BlueJackets Xtra-The Jackets have owned the Wild in the past.

Blue Jackets' Wisniewski to see familiar face | BlueJackets Xtra - Well, that should be fun.

The Cannon - Your home for all things Blue Jackets.

Off the Trail

Derek Boogaard's family has purchased 150 tickets for service members for the night of November 27. That is the night the Wild pay tribute to Derek. For details, please visit DTBL's Facebook. They website will be updated as soon as possible as well.