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Wilderness Walk for 11-16-2011: Give to the Max Edition


Today, we take a one day break from our Movember campaign. Not because we feel you need, or deserve it (50% of you ignore medical conditions? Come on), but because we need to talk about something else today. Back to nagging you about your health tomorrow.

Today is Give to the Max Day in Minnesota. A day when people dig down deep and find every penny they can find to give to worthy charities through a group called Give MN. There are a ton of great, very deserving charities out there, all of which could use your help to accomplish great missions. However, the Hockey Wilderness Editorial Staff has chosen two for your consideration. Please consider a gift to either organization today. Thank you.

Mental Health Association of Minnesota - I think we all have a reason we can relate to this organization. Give generously, as they also have a matching donation pledge from their board, up to $10,000.

DEFENDING THE BLUE LINE - GiveMN - Near and dear to my heart, I don't often ask that you consider donating, but today would be a great day to do so. We help military kids play hockey. What more could you ask for?

Thank you all for considering donating. Make the jump for your very short Walk.

Wild News

After bad twists, Wild can shout | - Oh headline writers...

Zidlicky takes big hit to head, leaving Wild thin on blue line | - Not good, folks. Not good.

Wild going home happy | - Post game Rants, take 2. The first version was better, in my opinion, but I understand why it needed to be changed. "Mark Idiocy" will be with us for awhile, though.

NHL: Five things we learned this week | Colin Horgan | Sport | - At least someone noticed the goal from Cullen.

The 10 greatest NHL mustaches for Movember 2011 (so far) - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports - Cal got robbed.

That's it folks... The Wild won, retain first place... nothing to see here, I guess. Have a great day. Give to the Max!