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Wild Sign Kris Fredheim, Recall him to Minnesota

That's Fredheim on the right. Go ahead and bring the dog, Kris. You may be here awhile.
That's Fredheim on the right. Go ahead and bring the dog, Kris. You may be here awhile.

Funny how the world works. Marek "Mark Idicoy" Zidlicky goes down with an injury, bringing the total d-men on the rack to four, and we all begin to speculate who might be the call up from Houston. We look at who is signed, who plays like whom, and who brings what to the team. We postulate and ponder, debate and demur. Everyone puts in their "educated" guess.

As it turns out, we are all wrong. 

Except Russo. Well, except Russo's joke:

16:11 - @RussoStrib: Expect #mnwild to be calling up Kris Fredheim for likely #NHL debut

16:27 - @RussoStrib: If Cuma it'd be NHL debut too. #mnwild proving old adage you can't have too many defensemen. Remember when team had too many dmen? crazy

16:31 - @MsConduct10: @Russostrib did they give him an NHL deal finally?

16:32 - @RussoStrib: no the too many NHL dmen punchline got hung up. Was kidding on Fredheim

16:34 - @RussoStrib: @msconduct10 how's Bagnall playing down there?

16:38 - @MsConduct10: (RE: Fredheim) @Russostrib He's underrated honestly, but I sure wouldn't put him ahead of Cuma and Bags. Teams r wacky sometimes!

16:40 - @MsConduct10: (RE: Bagnall) @Russostrib Bags is playing well. 2 point game Sunday. ;)

17:12 - @RussoStrib (RE: Joke about Fredheim) @msconduct10 twitter just locked up BC my 3G disappeared. Had to turn off phone 3 times. Was quite the scene.

18:03 - @RussoStrib - @msconduct10 fredheim is in the cards. not kidding this time, ha

18:05 -  @MsConduct10 - @Russostrib HAHA YOU PRANKSTER.... ;) (really?)

18:51 -  @MNWild: #mnwild reach out to @houston_aeros again for D-man, who could make #nhl debut tomorrow: (Official notice Fredheim signed and on his way to Minnesota)

 I love hockey. 

Kris Fredheim has been signed by the Minnesota Wild and immediately recalled to St. Paul, with the expectation that he make his NHL debut tomorrow. Crazy how this world works, isn't it? A Twitter joke turns into reality in just over an hour, with no one having any clue. Well, except the Wild:

18:39 - @RStanzel: @Russostrib @msconduct10 I was dying laughing at your convo an hour ago!

Should be interesting to see how Fredheim does. Just another day in the life of the Minnesota Wild defensive corp. Bring your body armor, Kris.