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Wilderness Walk for 11-17-2011: Game Day Edition

Isn't this like being tackled by the punter?
Isn't this like being tackled by the punter?

Let's start by thank anyone and everyone who gave to their charity of choice yesterday. We don't have any final numbers from Give MN, but I'm sure Minnesotans stepped up like always. Thanks everyone.

Now, a question. Here on November 17th, can you remember the last time you got a checkup? What was the date? If you can't remember, it has been too long. Call today and make an appointment. Have the check your blood pressure, your cholesterol, check for cancers with simple tests. Yeah. You. Not that other guy that you think needs to get checked. You.

It doesn't matter what age you are. All of our readers (you, too ladies) need to get a checkup at the very least once a year. Get in there and get it done. How about you call today?

Links after the jump.

Wild News

'Team full of fighters' enjoying life at top | - In this example, "fighters" does not refer to actual fisticuffs.

Wild signs Fredheim, should make NHL debut vs. Avs | - Hopefully you already knew that.

'The process' is making sense, and the Wild have reason to believe - - Process. Process. Yep, process.

Who are these guys helping the Minnesota Wild win? | ProHockeyTalk - That, my friend, is called a "team" playing a team game.

Get used to the Wild as division contenders - Get used to it? Never. Then it will all fall apart.

Wild signs defenseman; Guillaume Latendresse placed on injured reserve | 1500 ESPN Twin Cities – Minnesota Sports News & Opinion (Twins, Vikings, Wolves, Wild, Gophers) - Yep.

Enemy News

Looking for a decent newspaper writer here... searching... hmm... nothing. Sorry.

Mile High Hockey - They don't much care for me, but here is your SBN home for all things Avs.

Tending the Fields

Darcy Kuemper on his big NHL weekend. - Where the Reign reigns - Checking in with the kid after his whirlwind adventure...

Gophers' Haula 'not focused' on leading nation in scoring - - One of the most cliche answers in all of hockey becomes a whole story. Um... OK.

Off the Trail

Donate to Defending the Blue Line, Watch Travis Nearly Die - Five For Howling - Our friend over at FFH is running to benefit DTBL. So is your favorite NHL History Girl on Twitter. You should donate and make them run.