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Occupy The X

Seriously. These guys live in a castle. Obvious one percenters.
Seriously. These guys live in a castle. Obvious one percenters.

Without getting into politics surrounding the Occupy Movement, we think it is time for Wild fans to Occupy the Xcel Energy Center. The attendance this season has been an embarrassment to the "State of Hockey" and it needs to change. The power is fairly evenly distributed from the top of this team to the bottom, with no reason for continued protest from the fans. 

Everyone from Mikko Koivu and Dany Heatley to Darroll Powe and Kris Fredheim are equally important to the success of the team. What better way to celebrate the Occupy movement than by joining your fellow 99%ers (I'm assuming 99% of Minnesotans are hockey fans here), and taking in a nice evening in St. Paul?

To be clear, as with the newspaper conversation, it is not our job to sell tickets for the Wild. We get nothing different if you show up or if you don't. Hell, most of you don't access HW at the game (despite so many ways to do so), so you going to the game might actually hurt us. Still, this site is for fans, by fans, and we don't quite understand why you aren't there. 

Join the movement. After the jump.

When the sellout streak ended, fans decried the lack of winning hockey. They said, quite literally, "Win, and we'll come back." Well, guess what? Your Minnesota Wild are 10-5-3, sit in first place in the Northwest Division, and second in the conference. They are 5-2-1 at the X this season. So... it looks to me as though they are winning. Maybe I'm wrong. 

The Vikings are terrible, the Twins were losers this year, there is no NBA, the Lynx are done, and the Swarm haven't started. So I ask you, where the hell are you? The orchestra? 

Talking to fans, as we are wont to do from time to time, the fans do not feel the tickets are out of reach for pricing. Plus, plenty of seats are available in other methods, though you take the risk there. One of the best arenas as rated by ESPN, some great new food available, Bypass Lanes so you don't even have to wait in line to get food and beer... all of the things you asked for this summer. 

So, I ask again, where are you? You really want to become "those fans" that don't show up, even when the team is winning AND the only option available? That would just be sad. 

Hey hey! Ho ho! The X is where you've got to go! Hey hey! Ho ho! The X is where you've got to go! 

Occupy the X. It's way more comfortable than the sidewalk outside the Government Center.