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Wilderness Walk for 11-22-2011

Mikko Koivu does his best Pierre McGuire impression.
Mikko Koivu does his best Pierre McGuire impression.

A few apologies before we begin. One, I am sorry, but you will not find any Crosby links in the Walk. So, if you were looking for those, you won't find them here. In fact, I thanked my lucky stars today as I remembered that TweetDeck has a global filter available and simply removed all references to "Crosby" from my timeline. 

The other two are on the lateness. Turns out I fell asleep while writing this at 7:30AM. Insert boring Wild hockey joke here:____. Then, when I got up, the network wouldn't let me in. Ah, well. Here it is, and it isn't even much to talk about. With the NHL squarely focused on one story, no one else was paying much attention to the rest of the league. 

No matter what, the stories about the Wild today are actually of pretty solid quality, so enjoy them. 

Wild News


Suddenly, Wild has a glut on blue line | - Russo's take on the blue line.

First Round Bust: Are The Minnesota Wild The NHL Version Of Tim Tebow? - I don't follow football. No, really, I don't. So, I'm sure those who do will enjoy this FRB post. I personally don't know what the comparison is. Tebow must win games late? Isn't that good? Never mind me. 


Fan Fuel: 10 NHL teams that need to rebuild - - Just so we're straight, the Wild are the top team in the NHL, and they need a new captain, to completely rebuild, and have the worst defense in the league. Please, oh please, stat heads... explain this to me. 

Well, I was Wrong - Justin Bourne admits he was wrong on a few fronts. 

Tending the Fields

Kuemper's hidden talent helping Reign - - This kid is flat out good. This is a huge bonus for the Wild. 

The AHL | mobile | DiSalvatore still the heart of the Aeros - Think the prospects for the Wild run the Aeros?