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Happy Thanksgiving From Hockey Wilderness

We won't take up too much of your time here, we promise. We want you all to spend the day gorging yourselves on fun, festivities, and family. We did, however, want to take a moment to let you all know that we are thankful for your presence here on the site. We say it, but not nearly enough, without the people who read the site, it wouldn't make much sense for us to keep writing, so thank you all very much. 

On a personal note, thank you to each of the Hockey Wilderness crew. You all bring a unique and valuable presence to the site, and you make us all better with your contributions. Hockey doesn't matter in the long run, but the family and friendship of this group is unmatched. Despite our distance, no matter where you are, you are family. Thank you all for the work you put in with little to no reward, save for the pride in doing it. 

Finally, thank you to family, friends, and the service men and women who serve our country each and every day. The words aren't there, so simply... thank you. 

If you have a moment, tell us what you're thankful for this year. If not... we'll see you tomorrow. 

Happy Thanksgiving!