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Wilderness Walk for 11-24-2011: Turkey Day Edition

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. As you sit around the table with your family today, thinking about everything you are thankful for, consider for a minute how many things could take that away from you all too suddenly. Now consider how many of those things are 100% preventable with a simple check up and check in with your doctor. High cholesterol, high blood pressure (going to see in-laws today?), diabetes... cancer. All can be beaten with help from a doctor.

The lecture ends now. Well... until tomorrow. Enjoy your day today, and tell everyone you see that Hockey Wilderness says Happy Thanksgiving.

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Wild News

Wild keeps winning: "Let Sidney Crosby do his thing, and we’ll do ours" | - Great stuff.

Wild's 51-year-old goalie, Paul Deutsch, survives warmups; scratched | - What a day for him.

Harding to start tonight; Wild signs 51-year-old backup | - Pregame Rants.

Backstrom Out; Paul Deutsch Is Wild’s Emergency Goalie | - The story from

Koivu 'tirade' never happened | - No tirade? Even better.

Wild again gets better looking at closing time | - NBA jokes. You gotta love that.

No. 33 in warmups? Wild's 51-year-old goalie | - I could read about this all day.

Nine storylines from season's first quarter - - Quarterly Report - Wait... knows the Wild exist? Huh. Who knew?

Tom Powers: Wild big men get physical within the rules - - Not sure on this one. It's a decent article, but with the team in first place and the story of a lifetime staring you in the face you write about... big defensemen?