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Wilderness Walk for 11-26-2011

You only get today and four more days of reminders to get off your duff and go get a check up. After that, you're on your own, and nobody likes to be on their own, right? Seriously consider going to the doctor for a basic physical. You've seen the stats all month, and they are staggering. Nothing they can find can be as scary as finding out too late. 

Please. Go to the doctor. 

As predicted last night, after a Wild loss, the talk of regression has begun. No, we won't link you to it, as we value your ability to stay awake, but it is out there. Along with guarantees of failure based on what Dallas and Colorado did in previous years. All we ask is that you make the decision for yourself, based on what you see. Use the numbers, and use the context. If they fall apart, they fall apart. If they don't, they don't. 

That's what watching the games is supposed to be about. Enjoy.

First Things First

I am asking the readers of Hockey Wilderness to stop visiting Copper and Blue. It is, obviously, your choice. However, the authors and editors have made it clear that you are not welcome, and are writing stories and comments simply to goad you into a fight. It's not worth it and only serves to further their goal. Their rules are subjective, enforcement unpredictable, and only enforced against people who disagree with them. There are plenty of sites out there to keep up on Oilers news, should you so choose. 

To take the bait they set, and to fight for hours, only makes them happier and more arrogant in their need to be right. You can't win, so my suggestion is to simply walk away. Let them have their stats and their regression and we'll just watch the games. 

If you really want the numbers, head over to Arctic Ice Hockey. They're the ones actually doing the work anyway, so you may as well go to the source. Plus, they will generally take the time to explain their point rather than just calling you an "ignorant dumbass" and throwing links to... well... Arctic Ice Hockey at you. 

It's the difference between the Darcy Hordichuk of stats and the Jacques Lemaire of stats. Both might bore you, but at least one has a real motive. 

Wild News

Edmonton Oilers win in Minnesota for first time in 58 months | - The curse is broken. Long live the King. 

Rivals in line for more sparring | - Having watched Darcy Hordichuk for a few years now, this all strikes me as talk. He is baiting Brad Staubitz into more penalties and will never actually drop the gloves. Hopefully Staubitz doesn't bite. 

Oilers show they're more competent than cursed | - The Oilers played a great game. Superb, in fact. 

Spector on NHL: Exorcizing road demons - - Good read.

Wild out of sync in loss to Edmonton - - Maybe I'm jaded, but I didn't think the Wild looked that bad, save for a couple mistakes that the Oilers pounced on. Sometimes, two good teams play, and the better team wins. 

 A Wild, Wild, Western Conference - The Hockey Writers | - Wild get a look over at the THW.

Tending the Fields

Aeros drop another overtime decision with loss to Stars - Houston Chronicle The Aeros lost in OT, a clear sign of regression.