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Wilderness Walk for 11-27-2011: Derek Boogaard Tribute Edition

He didn't have to, but he stopped right there and gave a high five to every one of the kids waiting for him. Look at the girl's face. Priceless.
He didn't have to, but he stopped right there and gave a high five to every one of the kids waiting for him. Look at the girl's face. Priceless.

With the tribute to Derek Boogaard tonight at the X, we thought rather than bring you the three stories that were written about the Wild for today, we would instead take a look back at the stories that got us here today. Some will find this difficult to do, to go back and revisit the stories from that day, and the painful weeks that followed. However, we thought it a fitting way to lead into what is sure to be an emotional night.

After the jump, a large number of stories that you may or may not want to reread. If you do, you will likely become emotional. Read at your own risk. 

Derek Boogaard

From Russo:

Ex-Wild tough guy Derek Boogaard found dead in Minneapolis apartment | - The story to break all stories. 

A tearful Minnesota goodbye for Boogaard | - Russo's very moving account of the memorial that followed.

Here at Hockey Wilderness

Derek Boogaard Found Dead in His Apartment - Hockey Wilderness - I remember my hands shaking as I wrote this. Uncool. 

Derek Boogaard Memorial - Hockey Wilderness - The HW community's first chance to grieve together, sharing memories of the Boogieman.

Derek Boogaard Memorial Service - Hockey Wilderness - The first announcement of the plans to hold a memorial service at or near the X. 

Derek Boogaard (1982-2011): What They're Saying - Hockey Wilderness - A fan post with links to stories as they happened from the hockey community.

Boogaard Family Chooses Charity Over Flowers - Hockey Wilderness - The announcement that the Boogaards wished for donations to go to a favorite charity of Derek's. 

Boogaard Memorial a Chance to Say Goodbye - Hockey Wilderness - My take on the memorial service held at the X. Still one of the most difficult things I have ever done. 

Derek Boogaard's Death Ruled an Accident - Hockey Wilderness - News that provided at least a small portion of comfort. 

Boogaard to be Laid to Rest Today - Hockey Wilderness - Finally, the family had their chance to say goodbye.

Aaron Boogaard Pleads Guilty; Puts Legal Issues to Bed - Hockey Wilderness - The legal issues finally came to a close in what I feel were absolutely ridiculous charges. 

Boogaard and Demitra Memorial Stickers - Hockey Wilderness - The tribute stickers the players still wear on their helmets. 

Derek Boogaard Memorial Night Set for November 27th - Hockey Wilderness - The announcement that brings us to tonight. 

Other Stories

derek boogaard tribute - YouTube  - Click here for a full search for Boogaard tribute videos.

NHL Players, fans, remember Derek Boogaard - Puck Daddy

There were literally hundreds of stories and posts around the web. If you remember one that particularly struck you, please share it in the comments. Hope to see as many of you as possible tonight at the X.