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Wilderness Walk for 11-28-2011: Game Day Edition

This is what "too little, too late" looks like.
This is what "too little, too late" looks like.

As we close out Movember, with countless (27) reminders to go to the doctor and get a check up, we ask you again, for the 28th time, to go to the doctor and make sure everything is as pleasant as you think it is. Sometimes, things sneak up on you. Make sure some one has your back. 

Today, the Wild are on a two game losing streak, and we are once again bombarded by calls of regression and unsustainable success. Because, as we were reminded when the Wild were in first, 20 games does not a season make. Funny, though, how two bad games is enough for the regressionists to claim victory. So, remember, in this "battle," 20 games is not a big enough data set, but two games is. 


Now that you've had your lessons for the day, make the jump. The Walk is hefty today.

Wild News

11-27-11 Boogaard Ceremony Video - NHL VideoCenter - Minnesota Wild - For anyone who missed it last night. This is the full ceremony, not just the video.

Wild roster moves: Wellman, McIntyre promoted; Prosser, Peters demoted | - Rants from this AM, with some roster moves.

Wild's low-energy output leaves it with sick feeling | - Indeed.

Wild says bye to Boogaard one more time | - Great look at the tribute, with some wonderful quotes from the Boogaards. 

Who sprayed Jarome Iginla with water bottle from Wild bench? - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports - Murder! Kidnapping! RAGE! Or... you know... water.

Wild spanked for second straight game; Lundin likely to make Wild debut Monday vs. Tampa Bay | - Post game Rants.

Minnesotan Mike Lundin expected to make Wild debut tonight - - That's our bet as well. 

  MN Wild winning divison but waiting for more fans | - Where the hell was Dave Schwartz? Man... these TV guys, I tell ya.  

Niklas Backstrom blitzed as Wild drop second straight division game | 1500 ESPN Twin Cities – Minnesota Sports News & Opinion (Twins, Vikings, Wolves, Wild, Gophers) - Yep. They even lost on the radio. 

Ex-Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman Mike Lundin has frustrating start to first season with Minnesota Wild - St. Petersburg Times - From the Tampa newspaper, but about Lundin. We'll take it. 

Wild could use a dose of Boogaard's bravery - I'm torn on if this is true, or if it is tacky. 

Enemy News

Tampa Bay Lightning, hockey news | St. Pete Times - Tampa News paper, with some good stuff. 

Raw Charge -  Another of my personal favorites on the network. Go give them some hell. They can take it. 

Tending the Fields

Kuemper delivers in goal for Reign - San Bernardino County Sun - Darcy Kuemper? He's pretty good. 

Regan's Rant: Fiesty forward does whatever it takes to win - Bulmer hat the hatty last night. Yes, really.

The Third Intermission: On the road again ... and loving it. - Interesting how the Aeros head on the road about the same time the Wild do.  

What you Missed

This is what you missed here at the Wilderness this weekend while you were watching, *barf*, football. 

Hockey Wilderness Power Rankings: 11-25-2011 - Hockey Wilderness - This weeks absurd look at power rankings. This week, we ranked teams alphabetically. In Russian. Poorly translated Russian. 

2011-2012 Minnesota High School Hockey Preview - Hockey Wilderness - Chris Dilks gave us our opening MN High School post. Expect much more from our new HS section. 

Former Player Tracking: Walking the Road and Jumping Off - Hockey Wilderness - Mittens. Unemployed. 

Welcome Jesse De St. Hubert to Hockey Wilderness! - Hockey Wilderness - We are proud to bring you more high school hockey coverage & welcome Jesse De St. Hubert to Hockey Wilderness!

Minnesota Wild Stock Market Report: Week of 11-27-2011 - Hockey Wilderness - Your weekly stock updates for the Minnesota Wild

Minnesota Wild vs Calgary Flames: Game Recap - Hockey Wilderness