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Wilderness Walk for 11-30-2011: Game Day Edition

We're all running a bit behind here at Hockey Wilderness. Your weekly look at the Aeros will be up later, but may not be over the lunch hour. So, instead, you get a lane morning Walk. Enjoy.

Hey hey hey... It's also the last day of Movember. Yes, indeed, today is the day men everywhere sport their final product and women everywhere beg for the time to pass quickly. It is also our very last chance to remind you to go get a check up. You know the reasons why, you know where the doctor is, and you know you should do it. So why not... do it?

The Walk today is not lengthy, but there are some fun reads, so go ahead and make the jump. It's part of your routine at this point, so just do it.

First Things First

With the Wild out in Edmonton, a friendly reminder that we recommend NOT visiting the Copper and Blue, SBNation's Oilers site. It has been made clear in recent weeks that you are not welcome, and that they enforce their rules only against those they disagree with, while allowing their hangers-on to disparage and mock readers from outside the clique. Let's put it this way... it's like going back to high school.

They will, most certainly, write something that will goad you into a response. We ask you to hold back, and not give them the pleasure. Let them wallow in their own arrogance. If you want Oilers info, visit one of the other fine Oilers blogs. If you can't find one, let us know.

Wild News

It's All About the System - I missed this, but JS found it. Must read.

No lineup changes likely for game with Edmonton | - Which means Casey Wellman stays on the fourth line with Brad Staubitz. Which, of course, makes absolutely zero sense.

Wild's Yeo sticking with a good thing | - Here is the newspaper version.

Game Day: Wild at Edmonton | - Strib preview.

Tending the Fields

The Third Intermission: Weekly Miscellany - A catch up post for the Aeros from T3I. Remember, we'll have our update later today.

Enemy News

Oilers determined to solve Wild again - Which is all well and good, but the guy who owns them is back and the Wild are the ones with the chip on their shoulder this time.

Hordichuk still looking for first fight as an Oilers - OK, wait... Hordichuk doesn't even have a fight this year? What a tough guy.

Off the Trail

Around the League: New coaches and suspended players : Wild Nation - Blake take s apretty good look at the happenings around the league.