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Ryan Whitney Knees Cal Clutterbuck: Suspension Coming?

If you were watching the Minnesota Wild / Edmonton Oilers game tonight (and who wasn't, what with the love for passive, boring, bad for the game hockey), you witnessed one of the dirtiest moves you can pull on your opposition. Short of the slew foot, going knee on knee with another player is beyond reckless, and almost always results in suspension.

Of course, if you can watch the play and find a reason to not call it dirty, you probably bleed orange. Here is the play:


(click on the picture to animate in new tab - gif courtesy of cjzero)

If that isn't a blatant attempt to injure, I don't know what is. Mike Yeo says Clutterbuck has a "charlie horse" and it is not Clutterbuck's knee, but that should matter little. It was absolutely disgustingly dirty, and could have ended extemely badly for both players. There is a reason knee on knee hits (or even attempted knee on knee hits) are suspended. They can be career ending, and are flat out stupid.

Stupid, dirty move by Ryan Whitney, a generally stand up guy with a history of knee injuries himself.

Stupid. Dirty. Not many ways to argue that. Unless Shanahan buys the "I didn't mean to do it" BS again, this has to be a suspension. Right?