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Wilderness Walk for 11-9-2011

Marke Zidlicky marks his territory well, if nothing else.
Marke Zidlicky marks his territory well, if nothing else.

The Wild did well last night, doing what good teams do and finding a way win. However, we still have more important things to talk about. Did you know that 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, and that 1 in 2 (50%!!!) of men will be diagnised with some form of cancer in their lifetimes. 48% of testicular cancer is found in men ages 20-34. I am willing to bet that is a pretty big chunk of our readership.

Please, go get a physical. I did. Hockey players do. Why don't you?

If the spirit moves you, please donate to the Hockey Wilderness Movember team as well. The money goes to research to help fight the cancers that kill far too many.

Links and news, after the jump.

Wild News


Enjoy that, Wild fans.

Wild wins 5th in a row behind Nik Backstrom shutout; Johnson booted for "head-butting" | - Post game Rants.

Backstrom chimes in with a shutout | - I think maybe someone here may have called a shutout from Backstrom. I wonder who that could be...

Setoguchi enjoys return to Alberta | - Good stuff. Enjoy.

WILD: 'Just another Calder Cup' - The Calgary Herald running with a story we've heard. Still, nice to see someone else care.

Wild to hold Derek Boogaard Tribute Night | - Just a reminder. You may want to buy tickets now.

The “Head-Butt” heard round the league : Wild Nation -  Blake weighs in with his take.

Hitting The Post: Wild Thawing My Cold Heart - It happens to the best of us, Nick.

Enemy News

Power play fails Flames in shutout loss to Minnesota - Indeed. Zippo.


If someone can find a chached version of this article, you get a cookie. Notice it is from the Calgary Herald. However, when you follow the link, it is not found. Editor'd? The link to the story leads to this:

Tending the Fields

BU, through and through: Coyle has deep roots with Terriers :: :: U.S. College Hockey Online - A bit on Charlie Coyle.

University of Denver hockey player Zucker adds much-needed muscle - Sports - - And Jason Zucker.

Reign 4, Bakersfield 1. - Where the Reign reigns - And finally some Darcy Kuemper.