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Wilderness Walk for 12-10-2011: Game Day Edition

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Will Hackett start tonight? At this point, does it matter?
Will Hackett start tonight? At this point, does it matter?

Good stuff tonight as the Wild end their trip through the Pacific Division with a game against the Phoenix Coytoes. We tried to get the Managing Editor at Five For Howling to make a wager with us, but he was too afraid of the Wild's passive forecheck to accept the bet. Who'd have thought he was so afraid to rename his site "We Love Winnipeg and Advanced Stats" for a week?


I kid, I kid. FFH is one of the best of the network. You'll get along well with them. And, the game starts at a normal time, which makes absolutely no sense to anyone. Feel free to take some shots at Travis, though. He likely deserves them. Careful, though, he'll steal your phone charger if you don't watch him.

Enjoy your day, all.

Wild News

Matt Hackett's emergence no surprise to NHL uncle - - In The Spotlight - 51 year old back-ups and 21 year old record setters. That's all you need to get on

It’s probably time to start taking the Wild seriously | ProHockeyTalk - Indeed it is. (please note the first comment)

Hackett sets NHL record shutout streak to start career; Clutterbuck practices | - Some good news and bad news in the Rants.

Spisso Catches Up With Wild; Harding Sent Home |- Hooah!

Guys at the bottom keeping Wild at the top | - Yes, yes they are.

Part of Hackett's dizzying debut was just getting here | - Good stuff on Hackett.

First Round Bust: Tidbits: The "Can't Wait" Edition - FRB unloads some thoughts.

Ask the sportswriters | The Mille Lacs County Times - Just in case you were wondering what the folks at the Mille Lacs County Times were thinking about the Wild.

Minnesota Wild Continue to Win Despite Continued Adversity. By Bryan Reynolds | Hockey This Week - This guy is an idiot.

Enemy News

phoenix coyotes news, scores, blogs, schedule, stats, players, photos - Phoenix newspaper. Give them a read, they have one of the better beat writers around.

Five For Howling - SBNation home for the Coyotes. Make sure to stop by and talk lots of stats. Travis LOVES them. Also, make sure you post lots of comments about moving the Yotes north. It'll make you all kinds of friends over there. Finally, after doing these things (don't really do them), tell them Bryan sent you.

Tending the Fields

DubNation: Roster fight ahead for Bulmer - Meh. Bulmer has it in the bag.

The Third Intermission: Aeros beat Rampage 1-0, AT HOME! - Tied for first in the AHL. Best organization? Best organization.

The Third Intermission: Photos from the 1-0 Win over San Antonio - here is your graphic proof.

The Third Intermission: More on Kuemper's first pro shutout - For those who have never seen the glory that is a Ms. Conduct stick figure... now is your chance.

The Third Intermission: Weekend Preview - Aeros vs. Rampage/Rivermen - pregame from T3I.

The Third Intermission: View from the Press Box - Kuemper records first pro shutout - Yes, T3I is alive with writing. Love it.