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Minnesota Wild Stock Market Report: Week of 12-11-2011

The national media is starting to figure out the Wild aren't going away. Some are even starting to take them seriously. You all had an inside look at the entire process, and have had your chance to buy low. You could now sell high, and no one would blame you. They might mock you, but they wouldn't blame you. We know you aren't jumping ship at high tide, though.

With the week that was, no one on the team dropped down. Several players have risen in their rankings, and a few remain constant. So many players to buy into, who will you buy first? Time to get in if you aren't already. The bandwagon is getting full.


Strong Buy - Feel free to invest heavily with your fan dollars. This player will deliver every time.
Buy - Getting results, safe bet to invest your fandom in. Will disappoint rarely.
Hold - The results aren't there, but it isn't time to give up yet. Buying or selling equally acceptable.
Sell - Time to seriously consider your investment decision. Results consistently not there, and the trend is they will not be there.
Strong Sell - The lowest of rankings. Time to get out, and get out now, before your investment is totally worthless.

Note: The analysis will change from week to week, and are not equal from player to player. It's just our thing.

Blue Chips

Mikko Koivu (KAPT) - What can be said here that hasn't been said 1000 times? He's the captain on the top team in the league, he's putting up points, he's playing shut down D. If not for Paul Deutsch, he'd probably be the emergency goalie, too. Rating: Strong Buy

Dany Heatley (HETR) - He found his turtlenecks, and he's slain the snake that bit him. Watching this guy turn it on has gotten to be one of the more entertaining things to watch. He's heating up. Heaters gonna heat, folks. Rating:Strong Buy

Devin Setoguchi (GUCH) - Injured his knee recently, but is reportedly doing better already. He's be off the IR in time for Chicago at the X. Still would be nice to see a hot streak from him, but he's doing just fine. Rating: Buy

Niklas Backstrom (BAX) - You kidding me? If you're off the Backstrom wagon, you need to go be an Oilers fan. The guy was hurt, comes back and gives up just one goal in a big win in Phoenix? Yeah. Buy. Now. Rating: Strong Buy

Marek Zidlicky (ZHID) - Out with a concussion. We'll put him at a hold until he is back on the ice. Rating: Hold

Dividend Stocks

Matt Cullen (TWI) - Centering the second line that has more speed than a cheetah with a rocket booster on it's back. Creating chances, causing turnovers, raising hell. Nice to see his potential coming out. Rating: Strong Buy

Guillaume Latendresse (BTE) - Still out with a concussion. Stick at hold. Rating: Hold

Pierre-Marc Bouchard (BALD) - This has been a good week for Bouchard. Part of that second line, scoring goals, getting assists... he's on fire. Buy in, but stay cautious. Rating: Buy

Nick Schultz (MO) - So many haters here, it's unreal. Screw 'em. Buy. Buy in as much as possible. The guy never let's you down. Rating: Strong Buy

Greg Zanon (BLK) - Zuperman looks to have returned. Great to see. Blocking shots, making good decisions. Good from every angle. Rating: Buy

Kyle Brodziak (GLUE) - If this keeps up, we may need to create a new category just for him. Sign this man, Mr. Fletcher. Please. Get it done. Rating: Strong Buy

Cal Clutterbuck (HIT) - Missed another couple games hurt. That Ryan Whitney hit was totally not dirty, though. Would certainly be nice to have him in the line up and healthy. Rating: Buy.

Darroll Powe (POW) - Sitting back, quietly doing his job. Can't ask for much more. PK is tough, and Powe is one of the main reasons why. One of the best moves Fletcher has made. Rating:Buy

Josh Harding (BKUP) - Part of the now three headed monster, Harding's play is still at a level everyone here knew he was capable of. Backstrom pushes Harding, Harding pushes right back. There is no off night for Wild goaltending. Rating: Strong Buy

Futures Market

Marco Scandella (PZZA) - Another guy that the words are starting to ring hollow. He continues to get better and better, and is slipping nicely into an offensive leadership role from the blue line. Impressive. Rating: Strong Buy

Colton Gillies (MBDY) - Honestly seems to be playing because of injuries. We missed the slip, but with so many players coming in and performing at the top level, Gillies needs to step it up a notch. He got better, than the team went ahead and got better, leaving him behind a bit. Rating: Hold

Clayton Stoner (STDY) - Another ridiculously consistent player. Quiet, calm, confident. Looks like his hand is feeling better, as he is clearing the front of the net, and getting physical again. Good to see. Rating: Buy

Jared Spurgeon (TINY) - Spurgeon has improved enough to move up a bit. Needs to stay at this level. Some outstanding D from the kid. Rating: Buy

Justin Falk (FLKR) - Falk is hurt and off the ice. Time to hold for a bit. Rating: Hold.

Nick Johnson (BWCE) - Continues to show he belongs, stuck to a third line that prevents anything from changing. The chemistry between him and Brodziak is something could only dream of. If anyone knew this guy was this good, he never would have been waived. Rating: Strong Buy

Nate Prosser (STIF) - Hasn't played much lately. Still around, but not playing. Needs to step his game up a bit to get back in the game. Rating: Hold

Casey Wellman (CLGE) Not going to get on the scorecard every night, but he has brought a new level of speed to the second line, which is very welcome. Like the rest of the team, he needs to shoot more, but he is playing well. Not sure he sticks if all of the forwards are healthy, but he should. Rating: Buy

Penny Stocks

Brad Staubitz (BTZY) - Impressive in that he has not hurt the team recently. We'll give him a boost, since he has maybe finally learned to play the game and quit trying to brawl all the time. Rating: Hold.

Wild Power Play (SUCC) - The signs are pointing to the power play actually not killing the momentum. If the power play can start clicking, the Wild would really be dangerous. Three goals on four tries in Phoenix? That'll do. Rating: Hold


Mike Lundin (WHO) - We missed Lundin last week, so he gets his IPO this week. He is playing top level D, and gave the Wild a shot in the arm right when they needed it. Back problems hopefully behind him, Lundin has shown a canon from the blue line, and text book D. We're comfortable starting him off at a buy. Rating: Buy

Jeff Taffe (GOPH) - He was already reassigned, but came up and met a big challenge. Tossed into an impossible mission fo skating with Koivu and Heatley, Taffe landed to apples and didn't look out of place at all. That's impressive. Rating: Buy

Matt Hackett (HACK) - Yeah. About that. Gets called up to be a backup, watches as Harding gets hurt, comes in and sets a shutout record to start his NHL career. Sick. The future remains bright, folks. Rating: Strong Buy

Cody Almond (JOY) - A player that has been in the system for a long time, and been a good soldier gets his chance. He has played well. He certainly won't out last the return of the healthy forwards, but he has done his job and been good. He should get another chance. Eventually. Rating: Buy


Paul Deutsch (FREE) - You gotta love the story. A 51 year old small business owner gets inked for a one day deal to serve as an emergency backup until Matt Hackett can get to St. Paul. He didn't make it into a game, but the story alone is worth a million bucks, easy. #FreeDeutsch Rating: Strong Buy

Kris Fredheim (PUPY) - Sent back to Houston, but certainly proved himself a capable replacement should the Wild need him. Rating: Hold

Matt Kassian (SHIN) - Sent back to Houston, Kassian will actually get to play now. We're still not sure why he was still here, to be honest. Go back, beat some people, Kass. You're welcome back anytime you can actually come to play. Rating: Hold

Brett Bulmer (JR) - Sent back to play against children, we're not sure what Chuck Fletcher was thinking here, but it is what it is. We're keeping the kid as a strong buy. Can't wait to see him back. Rating: Strong Buy