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Wilderness Walk for 12-11-2011

Just like any other group of people, 99.999% of Canadians are stand up folks. The other .001%? Self important, arrogant jackholes that so very much pride themselves on being experts, yet turn around and admit ignorance of even the basics. Well... some of that small percentage admit their ignorance. Most just cling to old story lines and pretend they are learned.

I won't say it's not the same on this side of the border. It is. Just making an observation.

With increased notice from the media will come some really dumb articles, comments, and statements of fact. You all know better. It is with great pleasure, I give you today's Walk.

Wild News

Red-hot Wild extends NHL-lead to 4 points: "We’re not satisfied and settling with that" | -Nothing is ever good enough. You have to like that.

Taffe Reassigned To Houston | - Great run. Come back anytime.

Charley Walters: Secret to Wild's success: sum greater than their parts - - indeed.

Tippett recalls young Yeo's fire | - Nice to see the coach everyone clamored for giving the coach they hired some love.

Brodziak leads kings of the road | - Ahem. #signbrodziak.

Wild persevering through numerous injuries - in case you hadn't noticed.

Backstrom returns to cage tonight; Clutterbuck out with different but same injury | - pregame rants with useful info.

Fox on NHL: The best team no one notices - - Mostly a good write up. Love that all of these media outlets have to start at the very beginning, since they haven't written anything all year.

Off the Trail

Michael Russo's Sunday Insider: Florida Panthers are somebody again | - Good read on the Wild of the East.

MLSE's unholy alliance | Steve Simmons | Columnists | Sports | London Free Press - Here is the story that sparked the lede.

Off the top of my head, I could easily name five players from the 1981 Stanley Cup final losing Minnesota North Stars team. Probably more if I concentrate. Bobby Smith, Dino Ciccarelli, Craig Hartsburg, Tom McCarthy, Neal Broten, Don Beaupre. OK, that's six. If I continue ... Curt Giles, Steve Payne, Paul Shmyr and Gilles Meloche, that's 10, and that's without clicking on The point of this: the Minnesota Wild have the best record in the NHL. I wish I could tell you why but I don't watch Wild games. Can't stand the uniforms. They have - I had to look this up - Mikko Koivu, the 31st leading scorer in hockey, and Dany Heatley and Devin Setoguchi and excellent goaltenders and a rookie coach in Mike Yeo and Cliff's son, Chuck Fletcher, in charge. But really, who saw this coming? How anonymous is this? And you have to wonder: Can it last?

You get paid to cover hockey, and you are insinuating that you don't know who Pierre-Marc Bouchard is? Matt Cullen? Niklas Backstrom? Cal Clutterbuck? These guys didn't just pick up a hockey stick last week, there Steve.

And hey... enough with the jerseys. No one cares if you like them or not. Don't like it? Don't buy one. Otherwise, shut it. They aren't for you, and the people they are for don't give a rip what you think of them. I'd say go buy a Leafs sweater and cuddle up with it, but oh... that's right, you can't even earn the respect of the team you get paid to cover.

So many Canadian media that love to talk about how much they know the game. Yet so many can't name five players on the Minnesota Wild. I think I can name at least 10 from every team in the league. Likely more. And I don't get a dime to do this.

Great job. Too bad you couldn't get in how boring they are. You'd fit right in.