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The 12 Days of Wild Christmas 2011: Day One

Santa says, "First place? Oh snap! HO HO HO!"
Santa says, "First place? Oh snap! HO HO HO!"

Last year, we had some fun by doing the twelve days of Christmas with a Wild twist to them. We also learned a great deal about the different winter celebrations that have been a part of our world throughout history. Sadly, most of these celebrations don't have a catchy tune to go with them. Indeed, there is no Twelve Days of Saturnalia. There really should be, though.

We ask, on this, the first day of Wild Christmas, that no one take offense to using this holiday and not others. If anyone has a holiday song they would like to change to celebrate here at Hockey Wilderness, you are most welcome to do so in the FanPosts.

While the twelve days of Wild Christmas will bring you joy via snark, attempted humor, and refences only Wild fans might understand, this year, we add a little helpful twist of our own. We will be reminding you daily to please give to Toys For Tots. Hopefully you know who they are. If not, here is a reminder:

For now, let's get our song started.

For those who may not know the tune, we start it off as we did last year. With the Twelve Days of Minnesota Christmas:

And today's verse, which can be sung aloud at your desk. Trust me, within a couple days, everyone in your office will be singing along.

On the first day of Wild Christmas, the Wild gave to me...

a regression back to the mean.

Please remember to give to Toys For Tots. There are far too many kids out there who go without during the holidays. That shouldn't happen.

(Any suggestions for the other days of Wild Christmas? Leave them in the comments.)