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Wilderness Walk for 12-12-2011

A gloomy, grey day here in the Twin Cities. Which is fine for December. What's not fine? It's 39 degrees and what little snow we had is all but gone. Stupid warmth. It's completely overrated.

Today's Walk has some fun in the mix, with a look at the kids coming through the system and other happenings throughout the fan base. It really is fun to see how the fans are having fun watching this team. As much as it is nice to see the team succeed, it is even better to see the fan base respond to that success. The inside jokes, the gentle jabs taken at others, the not so gentle jabs... it's all just fun to watch. Keep it up folks.

Make sure you stick around today as well as we kick of the Hockey Wilderness Twelve Days of Wild Christmas. You'll enjoy it. At least, we hope you will.

Wild News

An unlikely group has Wild atop NHL - - NHL Insider - I was intrigued until I read "whose never scored."

Prospecting for gold | - A StarTrib chart showing where each of the Wild prospects is aiming to play in juniors.

Juniors will see plenty of Wild action | - Russo's take on the story. Good stuff.

Tea with Ms. Conduct: Wild Religious Fervor | Backhand Shelf | Blogs | - Your must read of the day. Ms. Conduct lets the world know about the Church of Yeo. Fitting, since she seems to be the first to have mentioned it on Twitter.

Hitting The Post: Yeoism Taking Root, Converts - Nick in New York fills in some of the details of the Church.

30 Games: How Did I Get Here?! | Jacques Lemaire's Trap - How did we get here?

Tending the Fields

The Third Intermission: Aeros lose another shootout, 3-2 to Peoria - The Aeros are not good in the shoot out. Maybe they need to use the strip shootout method to improve.

Rivermen trim Aeros in shootout - Houston Chronicle - Newspaper gamer.

Get to know an Aero: Cody Almond | Hockey Stop | a blog - Get to know him. Then, pronounce his name wrong.

Off the Trail

Jets to face Wild wallop | Winnipeg Jets | Sports | Winnipeg Sun - Read the first few sentences of this one, at minimum. You should get a warm fuzzy from that.

What You Missed

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