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The 12 Days of Wild Christmas: Day Two

Santa is needed pretty bad in Columbus.
Santa is needed pretty bad in Columbus.

You didn't think we forgot, did you?

Yesterday, we started off our second annual Twelve Days of Wild Christmas song with a hat tip to our statistical friends. We also asked a couple favors. One, don't be offended. If there were a catchy song for the Twelve Days of Daiwali, we would certainly consider using that tune instead. (Side note, if there is, please let us know.)

The second favor we asked was that you make a donation to Toys For Tots. Has anyone done so? Let us know if you do. For a reminder of who Toys For Tots is and what they do, here you go:

We continue on today with a bow to our media friends north of the border.

For those who don't know the tune...

And today's verse:

On the second day of Wild Christmas, the Wild gave to me...

Two passive forecheckers, and a regression back to the mean.

Please remember to give to Toys For Tots. I'm not sure how many readers have kids, but for those that do, imagine if you couldn't afford gifts for your kids. Donate today.

(If you have ideas for the rest of the days, leave them in the comments. They could make the final cut.)