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Zach Bogosian Avoids Suspension, League Blows Yet Another Chance

As you may have all read on Twitter, Zach Bogosian will not be receiving any supplemental discipline for his hit on Pierre-Marc Bouchard last night. You can see the hit in our post from late last night, but it certainly reeked of everything the league is trying to get out of the game.

However, this will just go down in history as Wild fans being whiny and expecting the league to do something no one else seems to think was dirty. Which is fine, but at some point, the league has to admit that it has strong biases in who they suspend, who they don't, and how discipline in handed down. In just a few short months, we have gone from the league being a joke, to earning some respect, to becoming a complete joke again.

The punishment for slamming your fellow competitor face first into the boards, from behind, with your stick? What amounts to a one minute penalty. That's just sad.

Wheel of justice, turn, turn, turn. Tell us the lesson we should learn.

There have been close calls in the past. This did not seem to be one of them. This one seemed blatant and obvious. Guess that is only as seen through the eyes of someone who expects the league to actually protect the players and enforce their own rules.