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The 12 Days of Wild Christmas: Day Four

Ho Ho Ho! Or, you know, something like that.

We find ourselves in the midst of the 12 Days of Wild Christmas at the exact moment the Wild could really use a gift. Players dropping like flies, exciting, close games resulting in losses... just one break is all they are asking for. Just the one. Russo says the Wild have lost 117 man games to injury already this year. Too bad this isn't the 117 days of Wild Christmas.

Sigh. Moving on. Today, we move on to Day 4, still trying to find a The Twelve Days of Hagmanany to avoid focusing on Christmas. Alas, no dice.

Also a reminder to donate to Toys For Tots. They are doing good work and helping the smallest members of our world have the childhoods they deserve rather than the one the economy says they can have. Please consider a donation today.

Today's verse. After the jump.

Here is a rather dark version of what happened after the twelve days were over. Enjoy.

And today's verse...

On the fourth day of Wild Christmas, the Wild gave to me...

Four injured top six forwards, Three outstanding goalies, Two passive forecheckers, and a regression back to the mean.