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Wilderness Walk for 12-16-2011: Charlie Coyle Leaves BU

He is off to a new home. Why that home? Who knows.
He is off to a new home. Why that home? Who knows.

Forgive not having mentioned this earlier, but I am writing through the urge to go expel my dinner as I type this. Who knew rooms could spin without drinking.

Reports have Charlie Coyle leaving Boston University and headed for the St. John's Saint John Sea Dogs of the QMJHL. That would, of course, put him with Wild first round pick Zack Phillips. We have very little to go on right now, but it sounds like grades were an issue, as was the coaches handling of the team, including the dismissal of a top player over an arrest.

The question we are left with is... why didn't he go to Houston? We'll have more if more becomes available.

After the jump, the articles on Coyle, and a minor amount of other news.

Coyle News

College Hockey News: BU Loses Another; Coyle Leaves Amid Academic Issues - Here is the story. The main source of the news is behind a paywall, so you can't see that, but this gives the needed details.

First Round Bust: Charlie Coyle Leaves Boston University - FRB with their take on the matter.

Wild News

Add Wellman to the Wild's long injury list | - Wonderful. Maybe Coyle wants a job in the NHL?

Harding Activated, Hackett Heads To Houston | - At least there is good news on the injury front.

Wild problems mounting? Captain Mikko Koivu injured | - Of course he is. Why wouldn't he be?

Injuries keep coming for Wild | - Newspaper version.

Wild's Bouchard: No concussion symptoms - - Yet?

One good Wild turn leads to another, and another | - Nice article from Souhan.

Wild Chat with Michael Russo: Read the replay | - Always good info in these, in case you missed it.