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Wilderness Walk for 12-17-2011: Game Day Edition

There are goalie nuzzles, and then there is this...
There are goalie nuzzles, and then there is this...

Yesterday's news was all about Charlie Coyle and his choice to go north with his career. Today, we get a few looks inside that decision. As always, the reports are conflicting. Some say grades, others say the coach, others say it was a "hockey decision." (Anytime you sound like Colin Campbell, you likely are making it up as you go. Just a thought.) The truth, as always, lies somewhere in between.

No matter what, he is in the WJC, and will head east after that. Moving on.

Big game for the Minnesota Aeros tonight against the Islanders. How all that will shake out is anyone's guess. In order to be ready for the game, make sure you check out the links after the jump. Otherwise, you'll be behind all day.

Wild News

Koivu, Bouchard updates; Callup coming, but who?; Yeo on Zanon | - We know the call up. It's Jarod Palmer.

Band-Aids run short, but Wild presses on | - Indeed.

Gameday: Wild vs. Islanders | - Strib preview.

Zanon reluctantly accepts rare healthy scratch | - Interesting, to say the least.

Scoggins: Winning just a first step in regaining Wild fans' loyalty | - Occupy the X, folks.

Backstrom: Yeo demanding, but in good way - Gotta like that.

Wild report: Yeo's AHL ties help ease transition for team's call-ups - - Indeed. And welcome to the discussion six weeks ago.

Tom Powers: Wild coach Mike Yeo making it look easy - - Uh. Yep.

First Round Bust: How Bad Are The Wild's Injury Woes? - They're bad.

Koivu out; Should the Wild consider trading for a forward? : Wild Nation - Yes, but no.

1 Out of 4, Injuries, and Coyle | Jacques Lemaire's Trap - Fun read.

Enemy News

NY Islanders News - Newsday - Scores, Schedules, News & Standings - My understanding is this is all paywall, but here is their newspaper coverage.

Lighthouse Hockey - Your SBN home for all things Isles.

Tending the Fields

Statement on Wild prospect Charlie Coyle leaving Boston University | - Read this.

Coming Down the Pipe!: Coyle Leaves BU for CHL - Then read this. You can't tell me there was no media coaching.

The Third Intermission: Goalie of the Week - Kuemper won goalie of the week. The Aeros had a little ceremony. Nice.

The Third Intermission: Post Win Glow and Quotes - Post game from T3I.

The Third Intermission: View from the Press Box - Aeros 4, Texas 1 - Gamer from T3I.

The Third Intermission: Teddy Bears On Ice - The Wild should do this. It would awesome.

Some Numbers And Thoughts On The Aeros… " Pilot to Gunner - Additional thoughts on the Aeros.