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The 12 Wild Days of Christmas: Day Six

Every awake after watching those five boring games yesterday? Good.

We press on in our quest. Yesterday, we talked a bit about Yule, sang a drunken version of the Twelve Days of Christmas, and updated our song. Ho hum. Just another day. However, as we head into today, and our friends in other parts of the world begin the twelve days of Dies Natalis Solis Invicit, we celebrate some generosity, and continue with our mission.

Each day, we have asked for help with the Toys For Tots drive, what with them being down from their goal by so very many toys. Yesterday, good friend of the blog SpaethCo stepped up with a very generous donation. Hopefully each of you can follow his lead today and continue to help. Word is, they are down across the board, but struggling the most with presents for girls ages 11-16. Hair driers, curling irons, earrings, etc. So... donate if you can.

Yesterday, I got an email that was rather disturbing. It wasn't long. It said "Stop pushing Toys For Tots. All they do is help lazy people stay lazy." Classy. If you are out there, dear emailer, please watch this:

After the jump, today's verse.

For those still playing catch-up and are so far behind that you don't even know the song we are working with here...(Insert Canucks fan joke here)

And today's verse:

On the sixth day of Wild Christmas, the Wild gave to me...

Six Becoming Wilds, FIVE BORING GAAAAAMES! Four injured top six forwards, Three outstanding goalies, Two passive forecheckers, and a regression back to the mean.