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Zack Phillips Signs With Minnesota Wild

He says he is signed. We have little reason to doubt that.
He says he is signed. We have little reason to doubt that.

According to the Twitter account of 2011 first round draft pick Zack Phillips, (Tweet since deleted -likely due to contract not being filed with the league) he has signed his first NHL contract. While this is welcome news, do not get ahead of yourselves. This does not, repeat does NOT mean Phillips is headed for Saint Paul, nor does it even mean he is headed for Houston. He is still bound by the same CHL - AHL transfer agreement he was before.

That said, it is good to see the Wild have locked up both first round picks from 2011 without much trouble, as Jonas Brodin is already under contract. Good news for the Wild, and for Wild fans as they watch the drama unfold regarding Charlie Coyle and fret about his future and that of Mikael Granlund.

For those wishing to follow the development of Phillips, you should check out his Twitter account. Also, follow the blog Station Nation, a fan site about the Saint John Sea Dogs.

We will bring you more details once the deal is confirmed, or we have more to discuss.