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The 12 Days of Wild Christmas: Day Seven

Welcome back, everyone. Has everyone submitted "A Healthy Roster" to Santa for his consideration?

Looking around today for a celebration with a catchy tune we could use, we thought we had a winner with The Twelve Days of Sankranti, but upon listening to stories while gorging ourselves on candy around a bonfire, we found there is no such tune. Really too bad, but we'll just stick with the Christmas tune. No worries.

As always, we ask that you consider a donation to your local Toys For Tots drive. They are still well below goal, and struggling with gifts for the 11-16 year old girl category. Consider a donation today, please. Just a week until Christmas.

Here is a reminder of what Toys for Tots is:

Today's verse... after the jump.

For those who still can't seen to remember the song:

And today's verse:

On the seventh day of Wild Christmas, the Wild gave to me...

Seven brand new rivals, Six Becoming Wilds, FIVE BORING GAAAAAMES! Four injured top six forwards, Three outstanding goalies, Two passive forecheckers, and a regression back to the mean.