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Wilderness Walk for 12-19-2011: Game Day Edition

Hopefully everyone slept in today, and took tomorrow off. Another super happy fun time 10PM start. Ridiculous. And why 10PM? Why not 9? Do games in Vancouver normally start at 8PM? TV is dumb. Just a fad. It'll die. Get off my lawn.

Update: Apparently I misread somewhere. Game time is 9PM here. Still stupid.

Maybe some of you will be around tonight. After all, it is the Canucks. You know... the fan base that says they pay little attention to the Wild, but then whenever there is a game seem to have more than enough material about them to bring the jokes? Every story seems to be about how glad they will be to not play the boring Wild next year. Which is funny because the fans in the new central seem to be pretty excited for the exciting games coming their way next year. The feeling is mutual, trust me when I say that.

While you all may be tired of the "boring" Wild, I can be 100% certain Wild fans are ready to be done with the dirty, diving Nucks. Though, I'm sure they'll miss watching one of the "best" goalies in the game get chased at every visit to the X.

I think we have sufficiently stirred the pot. Time for links.

Wild News

Koivu, Bouchard practice, remain day to day | - Would be a huge boost if they could return, but not at the cost of further injury.

Wild calls up Rau and Ortmeyer | - Indeed.

Rau, Ortmeyer Coming Up; Almond Going Down | - Interesting moves.

Gameday: Wild at Vancouver | - Strip Preview

First Round Bust: M*A*S*H - Can't wait to see which one is Hot Lips.

Why The Wild Should Trade Josh Harding | Jacques Lemaire's Trap - Anyone want to venture the "Why they shouldn't" ? Good post, good read, by the way.

Tending the Fields

The Third Intermission: Facing A Face-Off - A faceoff in pictures.

The Third Intermission: Aeros Do The Patriotic Things And Lose To The Americans - USA! USA! Wait...

Enemy News

Sports - Hockey - The Vancouver Sun - I think this qualifies as a newspaper.

Nucks Misconduct - Good people, can take a joke. Be good.

System isn’t new but results are as Wild sets sights on surpassing Canucks atop division | The Province - First, the headline... "set sights on surpassing?" No. Surpassed. Second... another lazy article about how boring they are. The people who paid for this deserve a refund.

What You Missed

You people just aren't going to stop watching football, are you?

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