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Wilderness Walk for 12-2-2011: Game Day Edition

Celebrating ignorance. Together.
Celebrating ignorance. Together.

I thought I read something about inviting the Devil into your home. Maybe that was vampires. Still, the Devils are here, and there seems to be plenty to talk about. That makes perfect sense, since an East Coast team is in town, so now the Wild can actually exist for a day.

Your Walk is beefy today, with some sources that are not around all too often, which is too bad because some of it is really good when it does show up. Also, for everyone who will ask today, there is a story about Parise. Last story in the Walk. You know it's the first one you will read, so just go check it out.

Enjoy your day folks. Power Rankings in a bit, high school hockey all day, game at 7. Good stuff.

Wild News

Clutterbuck, Powe doubtful for Friday's game | - Powe is practicing. No Clutterbuck. (As of this AM)

Wild recalls Almond | - Almond should replace Powe in the lineup, unless Powe can go.

Cliff Fletcher discusses Wild's early success on 'NHL Hour' - - NHL Insider - Yes, wrote about the Wild again. And yes, they still don't know that GM's name is Chuck. Sigh. This from the people still convinced Bouchard is a center.

The Wild have bought in and you should too : Wild Nation - Buy in. Those two words are key right now. Buy in.

Finnesota: Mikko Koivu Putting The Finnishing Touches On Wild’s Success - The Hockey Writers | - Interesting read.

Leading Off: What's Gotten Into Hockey? - - Here is your must read for the day:

Yes, the same Minnesota Wild who have spent their 10-season history trying to prove that scoring goals is not necessary to win games. They have also unsuccessfully tried to make the red and green combination hip on days other than Christmas. If you can name more than one player on their team, you qualify as a devout hockey fan. If you can name their coach, the N.H.L. might ask you to run the New York Islanders.

Yes, if you are an ignorant dolt, who can't name Mikko Koivu and Dany Heatley, and a complete idiot of a hockey fan and haven't read the name Mike Yeo a dozen times in the past week... they'll let you run an organization. And that Christmas joke? Hilarious.

Are the Minnesota Wild for Real? By Bryan Reynolds | Hockey This Week - This is the most amazing writing ever linked to here at HW. I mean, the author is clearly a genius and must be honored for his greatness.

Tending the Fields

Regan's Rant: Wild scout Craig Channell - More about Brett Bulmer, and a Wild scout taking in the game.

The Third Intermission: Almond Called Up - The other side of the coin.

Enemy News

Devils' Wild idea: Bounce back tonight - - Sound familiar?

New Jersey Devils Hockey | NHL News - -Your place for the newspaper coverage of the Devs.

In Lou We Trust - SBNation home for all things Devils

Off the Trail

Will Devils always have Parise? | - Will they? No. They can't afford him. Will he be in Minnesota? Depends on how willing Cliff Chuck Fletcher is to push the cap with young stars coming up the system.