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Wilderness Walk for 12-20-2011: Game Day Edition

Four straight losses, two in the shootout. Just two points of a possible eight in that stretch. For those wishing to jump off the bandwagon, we'll pull over for just a second. We hope you enjoyed the ride, come visit anytime. For your pleasure, we'll send a new wagon in a few days to pick you up when things are going good again. Thanks for your support!

For the regressionists, the regression is now complete. Nothing to see here. If you'll notice, we've installed two convenient exit methods just for you. We wouldn't want you to have to suffer through such terrible hockey. If you would like to exit, please either simply click the X in the upper right corner of your web browser, or (on Windows PCs) simply press Alt+F4.

We thank you all for your visits, and look forward to seeing you again in the future. For those who wish to venture on, despite the clear torture and nothing but downhill slide, please make the jump for today's links. Short Walk today.

First Things First

The SBNation Android app is now available. You can download it for free in the market, or visit HERE.

Wild News

Luongo, Sedins blank Wild, which is winless in four | - Post game rants.

Smiling Bouchard back in lineup | - One is left to wonder... was he still smiling after the game? In all seriousness... welcome back, good sir.

Shorthanded Wild blanked by Canucks | - Gamer from Russo.

Two Sedins too much for Wild in 4-0 loss to Canucks - - GFromThePP.

Wild need to get back to playing their style - Indeed they do.

Enemy News

Wild entering Alberta on the mend - News today (not this article) say Koivu likely back tonight. That would be huge.

Sports News | Calgary Flames | Hockey Scores & Schedules | Football | Basketball | Calgary Herald - The rest of the Calgary news. Enjoy.

Matchsticks and Gasoline - SBNation home for all things Flames. Also, if you need a catchy new nickname like "Whiny Idiot Homer," this is your place.