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Minnesota Wild vs Calgary Flames: Game Recap

Minnesota Wild 1 - 2 Calgary Flames

For Calgary perspective and wonderful talk about Corsi and regression, visit Matchsticks and Gasoline

The talk has already begun, so be ready. "The regression is in full effect." "Exactly what we predicted." "Told you it was unsustainable."

Where were the predictions that it would take three top six forwards out with injuries and another just returning to cause a five game losing streak? If we go back and look, the talk was the goaltending and not a high enough Corsi. Those haven't changed. Only one thing did, and no one, not one person, predicted it. So take all the credit you want, but none of you predicted this. You're fooling yourselves if you think you did.

To the game.

The first period was back and forth, but the Wild seemed to control most of the play. Sure, Curtis Glencross started the scoring, and it was pretty. But the Wild played through it, and Pierre-Marc Bouchard scored a very Andrew Brunette type goal to tie it up. Leaving the first, the Wild had to feel good, save for the massive defensive breakdown on the Glencross goal.

The second was... well... very Todd Richards-esque. Wild were lost. No effort, no forecheck, no physical play. On the goal Jarome Iginla scored to eventually win the game, Marco Scandella and Jared Spurgeon both had a chance to make a play, and both went with weak poke checks. Not going to cut it in the NHL, boys, especially against the guy you were trying it against.

This was, without a doubt, one of the worst periods of hockey they have played all year. It is difficult to question the play with so many fill-in players in the line-up, but this was a period full of basic hockey mistakes. Missed assignments, bad passing, coasting, complete shut down of all physical play. Absolutely brutal. Iginla saw it, capitalized on it, and good on him for doing so.

The third was much better, but as everyone who was around last year knows it was too little, too late. A couple very good chances were stopped by a suddenly very good Miikka Kiprusoff, and far too many chances were passed on in favor of yet another pass. At one point, Marek Zidlicky took a shot, had it blocked, the shot came right back to him, and rather than shoot through the now open lane, he attempted to skate with it and lost it.


Five losses in a row. Let the regressionist gloating begin.


The Bennett's Chop & Railhouse Stars of the Game:

  1. Jarome Iginla (1G, 1A, 8 SOG)
  2. Josh Harding (28 saves)
  3. Miikka Kiprusoff (29 saves)

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Five Questions:

  1. Can the non-threatening line up find a way to win? Nope.
  2. Does Harding shed his rust and come up big? He was rock solid. Team failed him.
  3. Will dressing seven D make any difference? Defense was terrible. No.
  4. Can the Wild respond as they have in the past? Not a chance.
  5. Any chance we escape the night without a lecture? The night is young. The lectures have begun on Twitter. Please, spare us.