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The 12 Days of Wild Christmas: Day 10

(Programming note: No Walk today - newspapers only ones writing about the Wild today, I guess.)

The attempt and karmic magic didn't work out so well yesterday. Alas, the return of the Kaptain did not happen. Though, he is still the Kaptain, so it still works.

We ask, as we approach the twelfth day of Burmalia, that you shift gears in your giving thoughts. Toys For Tots remains a worthy recipient, and would give them an excellent head start to next year. However, an immediate impact can be had by giving to 2nd Harvest food shelves? Just a thought that as we prepare to once again gorge ourselves, perhaps we could also provide for those who are likely to go without.

Check them out. Give it a thought, give it a thought. That's all we ask. Then go ahead and give.

Sing along, if you can muster the giveadang:

And today's verse:

On the tenth day of Wild Christmas, the Wild gave to me...

Ten calls to Houston, Nine as the Kaptain, Eight healthy D-men, Seven brand new rivals, Six Becoming Wilds, FIVE BORING GAAAAAMES! Four injured top six forwards, Three outstanding goalies, Two passive forecheckers, and a regression back to the mean.