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Airing of Grievances: Fesitvus 2011

It truly is.
It truly is.

Being that today is Festivus (for the rest of us), and part of that holiday involves the airing of grievances openly and free of bitterness, we present to you the first annual Hockey Wilderness Airing of Grievances. We have asked each of the Wilderness staff to contribute. Some have, some have not. Likely because they are just so happy with being allowed to be part of the Wilderness, they simply cannot stand to be upset about anything in life.

That must be it.

Each grievance will be given its due, and allowed to stand as the way each contributor feels. There shall be no judgement here. Well, yeah, there probably will be, but still. We hope you will join us in airing your grievances. Please try to keep them at least tangentially related to hockey.

Enjoy. Merry Festivus.

Airing of Grievances

Jesse - Biggest grievance - Shanaban. PMB gets his stick lifted into an opposing player's face and gets a 2-game suspension. Bogosian runs PMB from behind, gets a 5 minute major and game misconduct, but no suspension? Which play was more dangerous, Mr. Shanahan? High-stick penalties occur in plenty of games, and AT MAX get a 4-minute penalty for drawing blood. A dangerous hit from behind into the boards gets nothing?

Milan Lucic runs Ryan Miller in a dirty play, but nothing happens. I'm not going to buy that Lucic couldn't avoid contact with Miller. He instigated contact and got nothing.
I'm not seeing any type of consistency with the new "player safety".

Honorable Mention - The Winter Classic. Good to know the WC will be a private event between 8-10 East Coast teams. Philadelphia and Pittsburgh have both been in two Classics now. I'm guessing that Boston/Washington is on tap for next year, followed by Penguins/Rangers.

Ms. Conduct - Honestly don't have many grievances with the Wild because they did so many good things in the off-sea... Okay, eff this. I'll air my grievances, man.

1. Stop getting hurt! You're ruining it for the rest of us! (The rest of us being people who have to watch the Aeros play.)
2. Zidlicky is the exception. He is allowed to get hurt. Or traded. Whatever. Just go away.
3. Could the blond woman who's sat behind the Wild bench forever please look like you aren't there under duress? Are your cheeks broken? Are you afraid of smile lines? You're all Debbie Downer back there. Stop it.

Bryan - The list of grievances I have could fill an encyclopedia set. I'll limit it to my top five.

1. The stats argument. This needs to die. It likely won't. I am so sick and tired of being called ignorant, stupid, blind, idiotic, or any other word you care to insert. I don't care about them. At all. I understand them, still don't care about them, or the conclusions you draw from them. If you don't like that, stop visiting the site. No one told you to come here, we don't want you here, and you are welcome to leave anytime you wish. Side note: even if you leave, I will not stop mocking your position. I'm Minnesotan. We hold a grudge. Forever.

2. Marek Zidlicky & Brad Staubitz - The team was doing better without Zidlicky than with. This tells me there is a real problem. He does not seem to fit the system at all, and keeping him in the games is simply sending the wrong message. He pinches at all the wrong times, doesn't score, doesn't play solid defense, and the power play is terrible, his specialty. It makes no sense how he is in the games, and Greg Zanon isn't.

When Staubitz was brought in, and all through last year, we were supporters of his. We don't much care for fighting around here, but if you are paid to fight, you should at least be good at it. The opposition is so unimpressed with him, they run whoever they wish, knowing the consequences will be minimal. His defensive play is marginal, and he adds nothing to the offense. Yet there he is, every game.

3. The Winter Classic - It has become nothing more than another corporate gimmick, similar to the All-Star game. It isn't about the fans, it is about ratings and money. Someday, someone will look back at what used to be a very cool event and wonder why the league couldn't get it figured out before they destroyed it by making it about the biggest markets and not about what fans actually want to see.

4. Injuries - The number of man games the Wild lose year after year is appalling. Is there a solution? No. It is, by far, the most frustrating thing to watch as a fan. Losing is fine, but loses when the players in rehab could have made a difference are just brutal.

5. NHL Discipline - My feelings in this are clear, but the NHL's manner of handling its players is ridiculous. It is a massive conflict of interest, wrapped in pretty paper, and called suitable. Should not be one person making this decision. There should be a committee, and each vote should be recorded. No former players, team officials, season ticket holders, former employees, or any other connection should be allowed on the committee. It works in the court system, and it would work here.

Nathan - My grievance: neither Wild fans nor their detractors can understand the point the other is making. The Internet is filled with people who over react in the name of "making a name" and "click-bait". No, we are not saying we didn't participate, but frankly I'm bored with it all. We get it, you won't watch and understand or you like playing the asshole in saying that the team is boring. We refuse to listen to what you say because we think you're being obstinate and don't like the fact that you're ripping our squad or we're assholes. So, my grievance is that hockey discussion is getting annoying thanks to the over abundance of Internet chatter. Oh, and Sidney Crosby.

Your turn Wilderness - please air your grievances below. Again, please keep them related to hockey in some way. Merry Festivus.