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The Next Chance: Petrell Shoves Zidlicky Into the Boards

In last night 's game, what has become to be a seeming tradition, there is a play in a game between the Wild and the Oilers that stirs debate. This time, it is Lennart Petrell shoving Marek Zidlicky head first, from behind, into the boards. One of the few things we have come to know is that a hit from behind, when the hitter sees nothing but the numbers the entire time, is a suspendable offense.

Of course, judging by the track record, the rules don't apply equally to all teams, so fully expect this play to go unpunished, just like the others. Rules and precedent be damned.

Here is the play (click on the image to open the gif):


(Stick tap to @cjzero)

Our reasons why it should wind up with suspension, and why it won't, after the jump.

Why it Should be a suspension:

  • The hit is from behind
  • Petrell clearly drives Zidlicky into the boards as Zidlicky is attempting to either stop or gain footing
  • Petrell pushes through Zidlicky with his hand, then finishes the check straight through to the boards
  • Zidlicky is pushed, head first
  • Petrell sees nothing but numbers as he begins and finishes his hit

Why it Won't be a Suspension

  • Because it is Christmas, and that's just not nice
  • Zidlicky clearly had it coming for attempting to play the puck
  • Zidlicky was not injured, thus no cause for concern
  • The wheel of justice did not land on the proper space
  • Because the NHL discipline system is a joke
The Department of Player Safety has yet to protect a player's safety while wearing a Wild sweater during the regular season. Expect Petrell to head into Christmas with a clean record, as would be par for the course.