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Wilderness Walk for 12-23-2011

Welcome to Festivus, Wilderness. We'll have more on that in the afternoon. Be prepared.

The Wild have given their fans very little reason to be cheery going into the holiday break. So, it's up to each of you individually to entertain yourselves. I suggest avoiding the wave, lest you be mocked. Also, the drinking beer through a straw thing? Can that stop, please? It looks ridiculous, so I don't really care how you justify it.

As for today's Walk, it isn't too long, but it exists, so there is your bonus for the day. Read up, get caught up, and be ready for the airing of grievances this afternoon. It'll be fun, we promise.

Enjoy your day.

Wild News

Wild stumbles into holiday break, back to Square One | - Indeed. Time to start over. Reset button. Other cliches.

Skidding Wild moves from bad to worse | - Skidding is a great word, since it implies a lack of control.

5-9 dynamo Jared Spurgeon is Wild's iron man | - Still would love to see some offense, but whatever.

Should the Minnesota Wild be worried? | ProHockeyTalk - Short answer? Yes. Long answer? Hell yes.

Wild enjoy a little rest and relaxation on road - With the game they played, that may be the last time they get that treat.

Koivu's absence dragging down Wild - Todd Richards' words still echo in my head. "They're waiting for Mikko."

Wild not down over winless streak | Hockey | Sports | Edmonton Sun - They should be. They should be downright pissed off.

Should Lennart Petrell be suspended for pushing Zidlicky head first into boards? | Edmonton Journal - Video of the hit.

What's Wrong with the Minnesota Wild - A fair write up from Wysh over at Puck Daddy.

Off the Trail

NHL Network gets a jump on 2012 with new show, ad campaign and logo - NHL Network - Until you change the programming away from constantly showing the replay of games only one fan base cares about, all the make up won't help.

NHLers to hit ice for East Ridge hockey programs | South Washington County Bulletin | Cottage Grove, Minnesota
- Cool event coming up on the 30th. You should all check this out, and go if you aren't busy.