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Department of Redundancy Department: No Suspension for Lennart Petrell

As was fully expected from the League of Extraordinary Buffoonery, there shall be no supplemental discipline for Lennart Petrell, despite clearly shoving Marek Zidlicky from behind face first into the boards. Earlier today, we gave you the reasons why we felt he should be suspended, but would not be. Little did we know that Brendan Shanahan had a Law & Order type twist for the hockey world.

His reasoning for not suspending Patrell? Straight out of a Disney movie:

Petrel/Zidlicky: viewed extensively. Although Petrel's hand is on Zidlicky's back, we do not see a shove prior to the toe pick. No S.D.

Yes, indeed, folks... Zidlicky supposedly pulled a Doug Dorsey from The Cutting edge. With the state of injuries the Wild are going through right now, the Wild may really want to consider not using figure skates in a hockey game, but maybe they figured they could help with the triple lutz manuver being planned to up the relative Corsi numbers for the Wild.

A toe pick? A toe pick? That's what we're going with? I'm out of insults for the ineptitude of the NHL on supplemental discipline. Just put Colin Campbell back in charge and save yourselves the extra paycheck. At least he was entertaining.

Wonder what would have happened if Zidlicky had been wearing a #87 Penquins sweater.