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Merry Christmas From Hockey Wilderness

As you all settle in for your Christmas rituals, please accept a humble Merry Christmas from your friends here at Hockey Wilderness. Nathan, JS, Dan, Heather, Bruce, Elise, Jesse, and I would all like you to enjoy your day with family and friends, knowing that we will be back tomorrow to bring you the best in intravenous snark and bitterness.

We are just three months into a long season, and already Hockey Wilderness is breaking records on a near daily basis, all thanks to you. So many new members of the community, things have become almost respectable. Almost. We won't ever let that happen.

Please wish your family and friends the best from everyone here at Hockey Wilderness. We hope this day finds you happy and healthy, and wish you and yours nothing but the best in the coming new year. If you didn't get what you wanted for Christmas, blame it on the league.

And for whoever was viewing Hockey Wilderness in Paris, France at 4:19AM local time on Christmas morning... thank you so much for your dedication. Amazing.